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I write from personal experience of both sides, both in studying, part qualifying and continuing in my ‘career’ as qualified by experience. Yet it was to be this journey and my subsequent departure from mainstream corporate business as I began to learn, grow and evolve my internal environment and conscious awareness, that began to reveal to me how this all works on an epigenetic and energetic level.

Social conditioning tries so hard to keep people’s attention on their external world, reacting and perpetuating the fear based programming that has been indoctrinated from childhood and back through generational conditioning. This also stops people from looking in the one place that will give them full control…within. As I began to turn my focus within, it became so very apparent how much ‘smoke and mirrors’ were being used to still indoctrinate society. Victim hood is perpetuated through the belief in blame and guilt, these ‘words’ have become commonplace, when in truth there is no such thing, they are false perceptions.

When I embarked on the challenge of being the sole provider for my 4 small children, with no qualifications, no money and definitely no confidence, I fell into the misperception like so many in society had; that the only way to succeed was through a corporate career and formal qualifications. That these qualifications would quantify who I am and coupled with the career would create the ‘wealth’ I desired.
Before I get an onslaught of formally qualified professionals writing to me, be assured that in the years I did study, they gave me a deep respect for those who go through the same process, those who dedicate year upon year of their lives to advancing in their chosen professional career, not aware of how orchestrated this all is. I remember spending 24/7 for twelve months solid studying eight subjects to attain one accounting level, so believe me when I say I know!

It has already been proved very clearly that the governments do not run an ‘education‘ system, merely an ‘indoctrination‘ system, contrived of systematic, repetition, within strict boundaries, rules and regulations. These whole systems were researched over years and found it took 14 years of this indoctrination to take a child to adulthood and have them compliant, submissive, easily controlled and able to take orders.
Those who would not become compliant were deemed as ‘disruptive’, having a ‘lack of concentration’ or ‘special needs’, in order to condition the population into believing that the practice of thinking for oneself or being ‘creative’ was not ‘normal’ behaviour, not socially acceptable.

This also moved into the business world, where anyone ‘qualified by experience’ was falsely perceived as, not as ‘educated’, talented, knowledgeable and even ‘worth-less’ than someone having the same skill set through receiving a piece of paper telling them so. Even more disturbing was the trend of reflecting this in those qualified by experience being paid less than their ‘academic’ counterparts, when by virtue of their working experience, they have already proved themselves capable and expert in their field.

So let’s take a look at the science of this through epigenetics. It is now verified your cells take their signal from your beliefs, which through the electrical processes in the brain create the projected perception of your reality based on your internal environment. So everything in your external world is created by you as…experiences.

When you remove the false illusion of blame and guilt fed so insidiously by society, what you have is –No blame, No guilt, only experience. Your life is an experiential journey of observing, learning and growing from these experiences, not for material gain or corporate recognition, these merely perpetuate you within the cycle of fear based conditioning. Society knows this already, so keeping your attention on the external world of competition and material gain is paramount to maintaining it’s control. This only perpetuates your experiences of subservience and lack, living your life on the corporate treadmill.

Thankfully this old paradigm is ending and conscious business is evolving through Entrepreneurship and those who have qualified by experience, whether consciously or not (in that they did not believe themselves capable of qualifying) have brought this evolution, where natural creativity is the foundation and passion, vision and purpose are the drivers. Entrepreneurship embraces the experiential journey, through communication and collaboration, through adaptability and imagination.

In essence passion, purpose, vision and values are the force of your evolution, as they embody your truth. Your growth is to remember the magnificent force that expresses through you, as you, living your truth.

For within your truth are the values of your highest purpose and there is no physical price that could ever replace these.

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