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Rainbow Dreaming @ Woodstock 40th Anniversary

“Rainbow Dreaming”
Tales from the Age of Aquarius

“Rainbow Dreaming” is a multi-media photo-documentary that explores the genesis of the alternative movement in Australia and its social, cultural and spiritual impact on our world today.

Centred around the towns of Nimbin and Byron Bay in northeastern New South Wales, the ‘Rainbow Region’ has been at the forefront of social change since the Aquarius Festival, held in Nimbin in May 1973.

This photo-documentary maps out the legacy of the alternative movement: respect for oneself, each other, and the world we live in, and shows how it has an even greater relevance today than when first articulated in the 1960's and 70's.

The exhibition comprises the work of over one hundred photographers, writers, poets, filmmakers, activists and cultural visionaries.

"Rainbow Dreaming" explores the evolution of a culture committed to peace and sustainable living in a world on the brink of change.

The culture of the Rainbow Region offers a vision that, in a time of crisis, embraces the future with hope. A vision that sees the human family as one, living in harmony with all of creation.

Om Gaia!

"Rainbow Dreaming" @ Woodstock 40th Anniversary

This unique exhibit has been invited to participate in the 40th anniversary of Woodstock celebrations in USA in 2009. The exhibit will feature at The Woodstock Museum, Saugerties, NY, in September (date to be announced). It’s also been invited to Ecofest, 4th October, Central Park, New York; and to West Fest, 25th October, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Organisers hope to set up a free-standing spiral exhibit made from bamboo, with laminated exhibition panels attached, in keeping with the eco theme. The exhibit is weatherproof and can be featured in diverse spaces, both inside and outside. We would love to exhibit "Rainbow Dreaming" in a geodome.

Kind regards,
Harsha Prabhu
“Rainbow Dreaming”

This project is auspiced by Byron Community & Cultural Centre

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