Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Reality is not stupid.

panic make us become stupid.

faith and love for life makes us accepting sufference.

let's find relief to sufference to the music of masters like Carlos.

who have been lucky and intelligent enough to be able to build around him a wonderful world.

which is in contrast with loosers and unlucky ones or in contrast with those who use success only to dominate


like the opposite attract-so Carlos' music attracts victims:music is so free that slaves become free listening it 

like milk you never drank from your mother like fresh fish that destroys bad fats in your blood.

like water when you're thirsty like soap when you are dirty let Carlos' music set you free.

one only prayer illuminated people like Carlos set us enough free to win fear,

to have the courag to indicate where someone of us gets abused.

let's this site become a nursery as well for young child.

and an infirmary for broken hearth.

and finally a place to share hope. 


waited to the station until the train arrived.

arrived the train of peole going back to the place of torture, where my loved ones coexist.

where they where obliged to stand still knowing the truth because they where in fear of the beast              to hit them as well, arrived so the train of people knowing the massacre and who didn't nothing to stop it.

good luck to everybody to the killer to the witness but especially to the one getting abused.

let serenity pervade him also if he is not enough clever and lucky to get away from his torture.

and finally let our own violence on us stop.

reality is not stupid so the weak will become soon strong

reality will be discovred in an innocent way without wars

reality is not stupid cause my mind is still clear and faithful

after having been betrayed by ny loved ones

i love my work let's have a new family

that is the new beginning

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