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REVERENCE FOR LIFE ( Thoughts of a Spiritual Revolutionary )

In these difficult times its important that we understand what our journey is about. We are all on a journey of the soul and with that must come a reverence for life. It is those without reverence whose ignorance and lack of understanding create the havoc we see around the world today. For the planet to survive we must seek to change peoples paradigms one soul at a time.

The inner garment of our soul is one of inspiration and imagination. It is crucial that we use that garment to embrace humankind in lovingkindness. Discover yourself and allow your radiant essence and spiritual wellbeing to permeate the souls of those lost and adrift. We are gardeners of spirit and it is to the benefit of all if we plant seeds of benevolence , diversity , peace and freedom.

To live a life of intentional purpose is to attain spiritual freedom and harness the power within. Materialize your dreams and use your innate abilities to facilitate change. We can all be spiritual revolutionaries seeking soul touching encounters and embracing the wisdom within. Our earth walk is one of profound universal connections in which we should strive to encourage mindfulness and blaze a trail of unique and inspired consciousness that can and will lead us all to a new humanity . Unleash your natural power , uplift the downhearted and seek a balanced state of mind so as to create a nurturing environment for all living things.

The energy of the universe is within each and every one of us. If we widen our circle of compassion and allow the light of wisdom to envelope us mind , body and spirit - we can then uplift consciousness , live together in peace and harmony and celebrate the beauty of sacred mother earth. Express your freedom by seeking to liberate those who are oppressed. Dedicate your thoughts to evoking profound rejuvenation of spirit. The lightness of your being is such that you have the inner resources and ability to give wing to creativity thereby inspiring celestial awakening.

To be a spiritual revolutionary is to foster connectedness , create lasting peace and manifest higher consciousness. Reawaken your spirit and let the flowering of ancestral wisdom guide you to meet the master within and connect to your souls wisdom. The altar of the soul is such that we can inwardly pray for positive change while outwardly seeking to embrace the sweetness of life and invoke divine energy. Reverence for life is to honour the dignity of all living things.

We are living an angelic existence , let our wings not be broken by bullies of spirit , let our halos not be tarnished by terrorists of soul , let us instead rise up in solidarity and diversity as brothers and sisters of light in celebration of the beauty that is humankind . Connect more deeply with yourself and you will develop global transformation and manifest new perspectives and enlightenment. Having walked through the darkness I now live an inspired life that empowers the human spirit and embraces my own divinity.

The bird of peace in within us , let it soar with the angels in diversity light and beauty. If you have reverence for life you will attain your birthright to happiness. If you are a spiritual revolutionary you will discover your souls beauty and experience deep joy. Mine is a souls journey of reverence and revolution. I am a magnificent being of light moving joyfully with the moon in a dance of metaphysical awareness and sacred introspection. Know that each and every one of you are in my thoughts and prayers and that every soul is a flower in lifes garden.

I honour , respect and celebrate the beauty of who you are.

I Love You!

Yours in Salvation and Liberation
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One

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