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Sharon's Take May 2012 ~ The Law of Attraction

Sharon's Take for May 2012 ~ The Law of Attraction

Here we are, the merry merry month of May. At least we hope that it is merry. If not, perhaps just a slight change in perspective will help you along the way. I hear from many listeners and readers that the majority of us are going through some pretty major life changes. I see this trend continuing as the year progresses as well as more people begin to question life, the Universe and everything. 

If the journey is not going as planned (or as you think it is planned says spirit with a smile), it is time to look at what can be changed to make it a more fulfilling experience. Trust is always the biggest hurdle. It is a great time to take some chances and make some changes. Remember that you attract to you that which you are vibrating at to the Universe. You can't control what energy the people around you attract, therefore if you find you cannot remain in a state of balance and peace around some situations,it might be a great time to look deeper at the relationship. And, sometimes the activities and relationships you once enjoyed are now changing as you become more sensitive and aware of the energies around you. It is often the hardest to think of ways to change your work environment unless you are the boss. Many of us are afraid to to take the risk with our physical needs to trust in our journey enough to make complete changes. However it is vitally important for your well-being that you remember the most important thing for you to focus on is making sure your basic needs are met. When you feel at least satisfied if not joyful in your world, you are so much better able to offer assistance and service to your fellow travelers.

Understanding of the Law of Acceptance is helpful when you feel you can't or are not ready to completely change your life. Remember the joy in why you started that particular journey and what it has given to your life. Find the gift within your current job and know that it gives you what you need now to work on the projects that feed your heart. Trust in yourself to create enough time, money and whatever else you need to begin integrating your passions into your life. Trust in the balance of the Universe and that there is enough for everyone. There is enough for all. Always remember you can choose to be balanced and in harmony with the natural flow and order, regardless to what is happening around you. Keep yourself in that bubble of love and reinforce it regularly if need be. 

Be ready for swift changes to happen when you trust in the flow of the Universe. The changes you have been dreaming about are happening now. Celebrate and at the same time respect the temple that is your physical body and nourish it with fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Try more creative living raw food meals. This gives you a boost of high life-force energy, which helps to elevate your spiritual frequency. Keep your focus on your journey. Trust that you will get there and keep your self motivated to keep moving forward, regardless of what seems to be a distraction and know that is truly your higher self, guides and angels checking to see if this is really what you want to create. Check your thought processes and motivations as well as look into if you are still wanting to create that for yourself, or is the vision outdated with the new you who is emerging. 

Let your spirit and love shine forth, trust and follow your heart, and enjoy the ride. 

Love and blessings, Sharon


  Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn. All rights reserved.

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