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She Talks to the Animals... and they answer her!!!!!


Tonight on Blogtalk Radio

Animal Communicator Eden Kiljord!

Certified Animal Communicator:

Certified Reiki Practitioner:

Certified Resonance Therapy™ Practitioner

Eden has always had a strong connection to animals. Six years ago, she began to hear animals actually talk to her. The first time it happened was with a horse that she was taking care while his human companion was on vacation. She was in the barn and heard him say, "I tipped my bucket over." Her head jerked to the left, and they just looked at each other. He did in fact tip over his grain bucket, so she replaced what had spilled on the ground and after he finished eating, he thanked her. Eden said, "Your welcome." It was as natural as having a conversation with a person. It was awesome!

In 2008, Eden moved to Maui and shortly thereafter was Divinely guided to meet the founder of Resonance Therapy™, Dr. Sierra Levy. She trained Eden to become an Advanced Resonance Therapy™ Practitioner. In addition, she trained her in Basic Animal Communication and Animal Reiki.

Today, Ms Koljord has completed all of the courses for Marketing and Business Development for Healing Arts Professionals through the Animal Spirit Healing and Education® Network and has also completed the Advanced Level I Animal Communication and Advanced Level II Interspecies Counselor courses with Penelope Smith.


Eden can be found at ~

We will be taking calls!

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