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Spiritual Awakening Happens Mostly through Grace

"The real process of spiritual awakening
cannot be known; cannot be put into words.

Because ultimately Grace itself,
Shakti itself awakens you
in ways that will be both unique to you
and mostly unexplainable.

Spiritual practice is very important.
But spiritual practice is not a science
where you can say
'do this and this will happen.'

Sometimes it will,
sometimes it won't.

We talk about awareness, being
devotion, witnessing etc.
but these things only really get you in the door.

What happens then will be unexplainable.

If you go in for an operation,
you do not instruct the surgeon
on how he will do the job.

Someone puts you under
and stuff happens!

Meditation is the same.
You can be present,
you can give yourself fully
to a practice,
you can feel the Shakti,
you can even surrender.

But then what happens
has nothing to do with you or what you know.
If you try and make it a certain way,
meditation will not happen.

That is why holding on
to spiritual knowledge as a belief
can be dangerous.

If you impose your knowledge
on how awakening will happen
on to this moment,
then awakening cannot happen.

Only in full surrender
do you get put under
and extraordinary things happen
that cannot be put into words.

In fact, the deeper you go,
the less can be said
until nothing can be said.

Because it goes beyond all understandings.

Everything gets wiped out at some point
and what can be said about what is there
or what happens?

Except to come back and say
there is incredible bliss,
infinite oneness, unfathomable peace.
But even then these things are poor
descriptions to that which is
beyond all name and form.

Much love,


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