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Spirituality is not as popular as "religion" because people cannot make money on it. It cannot be sold, marketed, or even monopolized, though some try. It cannot be charged, bought on credit, or installments.

No one can hold it back from another, or take only a piece of it and leave the rest. No one can direct it, nor can he or she change it if it does not suit his or her liking or taste.

Spirituality will never be considered "popular"

or a fad. It is constant and will never change. Because it is Truth, it cannot be coaxed or persuaded. The message of spirituality will be as good tomorrow as it is today.

It needs no building or construction in which one must bow or pray. The poor have it as well as the rich. It is shared equally among all things around and about you.

Spirituality never presents barriers. The only barriers are the ones we set for ourselves--arbitrary limits imposed that prevent or block the spiritual guidance sent to us.

It recognizes you clothed or naked. It talks to you, and you to it, by silent feelings. In the quiet, in silence, it talks. It has no rules, procedures, formalities, written laws or commandments--only great Universal Truths to discover, to learn and to follow.

Spirituality cannot be taught, only learned from, witnessed and experienced. It cannot be forced but must be entered into gently, and only when ready. It waits for you and not you for it.

It is old yet ageless, for the Spirit is eternal.


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Comment by kathleen targal on January 30, 2009 at 7:51pm
This is so true. I'ts shameful of the likes of Pat Robertson (the gasping charlatan) to make money off ignorant, innocent people trying to "tithe" the way to heaven. God's greatests gifts are love and free will.


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