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B.O.S. or Biocomputer Operating System is an innovative energy harmonizing technique that taps into the body’s’ inborn potential to heal itself. It journeys down a path of present and past factors that have affected your feeling of wellness today. The body prioritizes these factors so the practitioner offers a unique and personalized method for that individual. There are three overall basic components that affect a person’s state of well being. Spiritual, emotional and physical/ chemical. B.O.S. addresses all of these in a non-invasive way. The premise underlying B.O.S. is based upon three theories:

• The body has an inborn resistance to illness and disease and has the ability to heal itself.
• If energy blockages are present, the body’s inborn control system is not able to do its work in the normal manner.
• This technique helps clear the body’s energy blockages and assists the body to achieve wellness.

B.O.S. does not treat symptoms or disease. Until recently, health was seen only in terms of being “disease free”. Yet this does not necessarily mean a body is functioning at its optimum level. B.O.S. practitioners see it as a state in which the body and all of its systems are functioning as close to 100% as possible and it does this by opening energy blockages to allow healing to take place.
A true healing composite consist of five elements;
1. a positive attitude,
2. healthy diet,
3. adequate rest,
4. exercise and
5. body tuning.
All of these elements contribute toward wellness and will further enhance the effectiveness of B.O.S. The path to wellness is an individual one and B.O.S. incorporates that philosophy into this method. It permits the practitioner to unfold the physical, emotional and spiritual story of your life in a non-invasive manner. These are the main items that have affected your “being”. When these areas are fine-tuned or balanced, wellness occurs.


Research indicates there are energy fields surrounding the human body that are electromagnetic in nature. The creation of these fields are similar to the way an electric current passing through wire creates an induction field. This field has an organizing influence upon living tissue. For example, some lizards are able to regenerate their tails after injury or loss. The organizing field changes undifferentiated cells into muscle, nerve, bone and skin. If the organizing field is disrupted, an injured lizard’s tail will not regenerate. Instead a scar forms. Many of the body’s functions are controlled in a similar way. The B.O.S. technique is able to detect the individual’s flawed processes and direct a correction to that specific area through a variety of means. Tools which are used are Filters, Muscle Testing, and Essences.

• Filters are an integral part of the B.O.S. method. The filters resonate with the body’s frequencies and help to identify any errors or energy imbalances. Once identified, the practitioner can assist in the harmonization of the energy in cooperation with the body.
• Muscle Testing is an impartial way of detecting flawed processes in priority sequence. There are a number of ways to perform this; each practitioner is encouraged to use the method which suits him or her best. Changes in muscle testing or resistance are quick and easy to measure using this method.
• Essences are liquid extracts made from plants which are vibrational in nature and work with the body’s electrical system.


This unique and innovative method incorporates 40 years of research and study. It meshes the founders own research and techniques with the best of the old standbys such as TBM, NET, Body Alignment and various acupuncture methods. While its form is somewhat structured, it can readily adapt new ways to its repertoire. Researchers of B.O.S. are always searching for new ways to address wellness.

Each practitioner has their own adaptation, but often a person may lie on a table with the practitioner beside you and an assistant on the opposite side. The assistant will place a hand on your leg and extend the other arm towards the practitioner. This arm will be about 18 inches above and across your chest. The arm is used to test for a problem area. Once a problem area is discovered, a filter is placed on you and a clearing touch is performed. This will look like hands moving over and around you very quickly, or tapping and touching parts of you, and/or placing the filters on you. Again the treatment is completely non-invasive.


Developing a particular set of symptoms occurs over time and essentially B.O.S. needs time too. As the person is unique, so are the symptoms which present themselves. B.O.S. strips each layer at a time. B.O.S. focuses on what you need to address first. It may not be directly related to your present complaint, but each component, whether it is structural, chemical, emotional or spiritual all contribute to how you feel today. Eventually B.O.S. will address the root cause and balance the system. Skipping the order is rarely successful as many problems are multi-functional in nature. Each issue needs to be addressed before any change is noticed in the body. B.O.S. addresses those factors.
The goal is to clear the body’s control system of errors and promote natural healing. B.O.S. is not a substitute for prescribed medical care. Once again, a positive mental attitude, a healthy diet which maximizes the intake of raw fruits and vegetables for example, achieving sufficient rest, incorporating a regular method of exercise to your routine and body tuning are important elements to achieving wellness. The old adage, “There are no incurable diseases, only incurable frames of reference”, underlies the basic philosophy of B.O.S.


While the care offered is unorthodox, many people around the world have found this technique totally natural, painless and non- invasive. During a treatment you might not experience anything. At other times you might experience some emotion or slight dizziness, tiredness or grogginess. The duration of these reactions vary from minutes to hours but are nothing to be concerned about. It means the process is working. Over time, some people experience a recurrence of past symptoms as their body progresses toward being balanced and well. Remember wellness occurs one layer at a time. Often at the end of the wellness journey people will report a feeling of calmness, alertness, increased concentration, a sense of peace and self awareness. The length of treatment is varied as it caters to the individual’s state. Generally, the longer you’ve experienced your symptoms, longer periods of treatment are required. Children often respond more quickly to this method than adults.

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Comment by Larry Steel on January 8, 2009 at 11:30am
Thank you Brenda...for your love and support and of course your unbiased opinion :)
Comment by Brenda McMorrow - Music for Opening the Heart on January 8, 2009 at 8:23am
I can certainly attest to the beautifully powerful healing that you offer, Larry! O.k., I admit that because you're my sweetheart, I may be slightly biased, but everyone else says the same thing, so I must be right!!!! I highly recommend your distance treatments for people who live in other parts of the world. Thank you for sharing your gift with the planet dear one.


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