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Stepping through the Doorway of Gratitude

We as a world are witnessing a massive change that projects great difficulty and chaos for many. Your opportunity as an individual — is to navigate through these changes in ways that strengthen you and lift you upward, even as those around you seem to spiral into negativity, despair and self-destructiveness.

We can learn how to dance with chaos in a gracious manner when we step through the doorway of Gratitude. Stepping through the Gratitude doorway will lead you to a destiny that is unique, joyful and abundant, even if many around you enter through other doorways(such as panic, anger, blame). It is important that you do not buy into the mass hypnosis of what door you should open and enter through.

In the most difficult moments, when all doors seem closed to you, when there are no options seemingly available, we have a simple suggestion. It may sound almost too simple, but it is a solid leverage point. For all that is required to change a situation is a small movement in consciousness, and then as you build upon this movement, vast powers within you are released. But until you have movement within you, of some kind, nothing can change.

It might be as simple as the fact that you can breathe, or if your breath is constrained, when you can take a breath, you appreciate the breath. Or it could be appreciating a color in the sky or something that made you laugh. What is important here is that when all options are closed, if you find something to feel appreciation for, no matter how small, you have created a small movement in consciousness. With that movement great things can unfold and you will find new doors to open.

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