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Support Obama to be the Obama You Voted For- NSP National Conference

The Network of Spiritual Progressives has an upcoming national conference from April 29th though May 2nd to be held in Washington, D.C. Check out the event calendar here on AOAND for registration information.


Wednesday, April 29th
Day: A spiritually progressive perspective on the economic meltdown and the path to recovery.
Evening: A Christian Witness for Peace prayer Service.

Thursday, April 30th
Morning: A trip to Congress to share our perspective on the economy and to educate lawmakers about the Global Marshall Plan and the Strategy of Generosity.
Afternoon and Evening: How to help Obama reclaim the vision.

Friday, May 1st
Day: Developing the campaign for the Global Marshall Plan, building the actual network part of the NSP, and reconfiguring the organization.
Evening: Shabbat service followed by an interfaith and intercultural event of music and dancing.

Saturday, May 2nd
Morning: Wisdom from our spiritual traditions, spiritual practice, Shabbat service, and Torah study.
Afternoon: Healing Israel/Palestine as a focus for spiritual progressives.
Evening: Concluding celebration.

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