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One of the first spiritual books I read was written by James Redfield, called “The Celestine Prophecy.”  This is actually the first book in a series, and Mr. Redfield does an excellent job of telling a story and teaching at the same time.  In the series of books he teaches small steps into spiritual enlightenment.  He calls these steps insights.  As time progresses I intend to give an overview of these insights, but of course Mr. Redfield would much rather you buy his books, and I won’t do anywhere near as good a job of telling not only the story but the teachings that are deeply embedded in the book.


His first insight has to do with coincidence.  Of course this is greatly over simplified, but I believe I have hit the essence of the point.  He teaches that there is no such thing as coincidence.  This is something that I firmly believe.  The book goes on to say that if you are meant to learn something that it will find a way to present itself.  It is going to be subtle, something as subtle as someone asking you for something.  But it will present itself.


To this end I find messages in two forms, in music and in movies.  Today I am going to present one that I find in music.  A jazz artist my son introduced me to is Victor Wooten.  He has a strong band, and each and every member of his band is very talented.  One of his songs that has a strong message is “I Saw God.”


Portions of the lyrics


I saw God the other day.  She looked like you, he looked like me.


I saw God the other day, just walking down the street.


He said I have something I want to tell you, something I have been dying to say. You have been waiting for my return, the truth, I never went away.


How do I know it’s really you? ….. you don’t, unless you do.


What do you want with me?  I’m not a religious person, … you don’t have to be.


I speak to everyone, but not everyone chooses to listen.  Tell me how to treat my enemies, the people I despise?  The answer will be clear when you see me in their eyes.


Of all the miracles ever created the grandest one is you.  Now that you told me all this, can you tell me what am I suppose to do?  You may think it’s up to me, but it’s really up to you.


If I only had one son, then tell me, who are you?


This is my Journey of Faith,


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