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Just saw that Mr B.B. King has passed from this physical plane on the 14 of May 2015.
Posted this in the group "Blues" on here and thought I ought to have it here on my page:
Many thanks to BB King for the music and also the encouragement and friendliness to his fans. May he rest in Peace.
I met him a number of times after his shows when he would meet and talk with the fans. He was always friendly and patient and didn't appear to have any ego whatsoever. Everyone I ever met that met him says the same thing.
The first time I met him was after a show many years ago. I obviously didn't know what to say when I got up to where he was sitting and signing autographs so I figured I'd say something stupid, and I said "If I keep practicing I'll give you a run for your money!" I mean how silly is that? Me, someone who hadn't even played for any time telling a guy who'd played forever and who influenced EVERY guitar player (if they knew it or not) and influenced probably lots of singers and horn players when it comes to saying to him I'd give him a run for his money. What a hoot. But hey, what else could I say other than something stupid, right?
So I tell him I'm gonna give him run for his money expecting him to say something like "yeah right" and yet what does he do?
He sets his pen down, leans back in the chair, locks eyes with me and real serious says: "You do that, we need someone to take the music further up the road"
What an amazingly classy and caring response.
So that's what I've done BB. I've tried to share and encourage the music and getting in touch with one's inner voice and also encourage an open mindedness when it comes to music and all art.
BB, my thanks can't be overstated.
I sure hope you get to jam with all those you knew and that passed before you and with everyone that wanted to express themselves through music.
We'll do our best to keep it going down here, maybe you can show St Peter how to play some Blues on the horn of his!
Thanks man,

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