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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

why should you change yourself?

why would you keep far away from reality?

why should you increase your natuaral performances?

on the other hand:

why does my work has to be exellent, pressure from other people to be reliable?

drug empowers you to have what you don't naturally have

drug cost twice your health cause for every second you take it you loose two and even more seconds of serenity.

for those who are into this filthy habit:

you'll surely ask yourself why it is illegal why there are legal ones.

the business it implies like the moggage one.

you become semigod for a second but have to loose good moments in your life for further craving.

are you sure that if you have been unlucky drug will change the course of your life?

we are all convincent that drug can relief the pain but at what degree this becomes an harrassment to the person who receives it?

is drug something similar to your mother's original milk?

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on January 22, 2012 at 8:03am

is there someone who sleeps all day, gets angry abruptly?

this is the loss of innocence, the original sin: a maledition: if you'll see light tonight you'll shine for others but you'll burn and won't see daylight of all the following days.

why should we be betrayed by usual frequent use of light drugs worse than heavy ones occasional use?

is it true that medicine controls the brain without having not yet explored it enterely?

are wer in search for the original's mother hug, are we in lack for something?

we live an entire life to buy an house but if we live too much in it without going out we become mad.

 is our own resiliance enough to cope with the hardness of the world?

what if our quotient of intelligence isn't enough? there is a QI mathematical a QI logical and a emotional QI?   what about love that goes bejond unexpectations? is ther a higher form of humanity called compation devotion?

is there a stronger prayer than "let it be"?


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