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On our road to enlightenment, one of the most important steps to take is self-responsibility for every aspect of our lives. It can be challenging to accept our part when bad things happen or when the best-laid plans go wrong, feelings of frustration and resentment can create negativity that is hard to shake. When we learn to view these situations as opportunities to learn a lesson, we really do grow, especially when we can look in the mirror and accept the person looking back, but is this enough to lead us toward peace and balance?

Acceptance of our human frailties does not mean that we will now breeze through life, because that is only a part of the journey, we must apply the same compassion and acceptance that we have developed for ourselves to others as well. Sometimes we become so caught up in our self-reflection that we develop a spiritual ego that promotes judgment of others, leading us to plateau and possibly lose spiritual ground.

Judging others leads to confusion, stress and disharmony. It can be hard to stop judging others especially if we are diligently working on ourselves, expecting those around us to be doing the same. Growing spiritually means that while we accept judgment as part of our human condition, it is a choice and something that we can control. Practiced observation allows us to move through life with grace and ease; alleviating the unnecessary responsibility that judgment creates, so that when we do look in the mirror we really can appreciate the person that looks back at us.

Darlene Eliopoulos

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on January 20, 2011 at 9:57am

Hi Darlene

you are absolutely right.  We have to make a selection between good and bad feelings and resonate with good ones but also help each other to find the way.

the real friends guides you home to your hearth.

we can do good plans which fail because we don't trust of being spontaneous enough.

Sometimes a wrong plan can lead to a masterpiece because we are able to work on the "bare material" but sometimes it could be easier do it from scratch............the truth staies in the middle.........."be precise but accept your mistakes and always be back for more"

This network is a very special occasion for all of us, in life it's more useful doing 6 things and 4 wrong than doing only 4 things right because for every thing wrong there's already an half other thing good.

I wanna  be judged with love and such a way you'll be judged if you speak with love.

criticism ifs first of all to ourselves has not to come by people..........if we act in love we will be watched in silence

As the worst case we will receive hooplas but in the best chance we are an example for the other which one will have not time for doing hoopla to us but he / she will begin to emulate if not the same thing at least investing the same great rate of energy in something else







Yes we all


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