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The Celebration of the Birth


At this time of Living and Dying

In the celebration of the Holy Birth and Rebirth

We are here and present in Spirit

With the same Light that birthed Creation which alive in you here and now


The same Christ that came to earth

Is still here and alive in you with each breath you take

And the same visitation of the Angels of the Lord

Is known by your soul and alive in your memory

Of a timeless time, and the space beyond all space.


And in the moment that the breath of Life Comes into being

And is expressed through you

You know the Light of Creation in form

You know the darkness beyond all form

And the nothingness that was there waiting
in the womb of the Creation that was alive in Divine Mother

The giver of Life that is the Birth of all Creation that is alive in you now


And in the moment of the union of light and dark,

Of being and becoming the Love that joins us all into this field of endless energy

Is the Birth of the Expression of the joining

Of light and love, Of life and death

Spirit brought into being in the never ending spiral

Of life eternal, in the knowing of the unknown, form and spirit expressed

Here in this endless field of time and space


And what reason can you give for this great love.

What form can hold this infinite light,

Who would dance with the cosmic force of creation

That is the shadow brought to the very source of all life.

Who would dare to doubt this gift given us by our very being

Living and dying in the endless spiral of life and the cosmic wheel

That spins us to become the life beyond all dreams, beyond all thought,

Into the pure energy of God, alive in you here and now.


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