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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Can we Love as God Loves?
The Divine Sacrament

I am alive in the Light
That touches your Souls’ life

I am Merged with the Love that Holds you in the Sacred Circle of the Worship we hold in the Presence of the Masters

And when you sense the words that entice you Into the Amazing Grace of the Holy Spirit that you breathe

You join in Communion so we may come to meet In the blessings that the Eternal Guardians Know

Beyond the emptiness of Nothing There is a fire that lives in the Light of Love at the Core of the UniverseAnd God’s Love and light is here at the Source of Creation

You may merge with the Energy that this love is And Listen to the Words that lead you to Express the True love That is at the Heart of Creation
You reflect the Inheritance of the Hierarchy
The Divine Sacrament that life can offer in service
to the Lord of Light and the Master of the Highest Love
A love that heals as it understands
And purifies you in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Hold this Love in your Heart Let the True light of this Spirit Shine in your life

And so Celebrate the Glory of God Within your life And love others with the Love that God has Given you
And so fulfill your Soul’s Purpose and God’s plan

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