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The Eternal Journey to God

From the Depths of Love Can you hear the Call
To Be in the Light
To see the Masters Eyes
And to Claim the Power to Serve
By revealing yourself
Reclaiming the Truth of Your Journey
And Being Free

Long has the Call of the Soul echoed through your Mind
Stop and Listen
The time has Come to Find Completion in the Lessons of Life
To celebrate the learning
And to live the Celebration

As a Soul infused with the Love of God
A mind Aware of the Awakening
And a Body Complete in the Integration of Being

Be Who you Are
Unafraid of Being
Love without Fear<>
And Live the Legacy of the Light of all Lights
And if the Masters called your name
Would you hear the Call
Would you answer Yes
Would you journey to Heavens Halls
Be grateful and Listen to the Hush of timeless Words
Be humbled by the Gifts of Glory
That wait at the door

See yourself as the Shadow that has been cast by the Sun
A poor reflection of the Real Light
That now reveals the One
You can no longer hide for we have been revealed
In our true being
The passing dream is now Complete
In the Eternal Journey to God

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