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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I hope most of you are open minded enough to recieve what I believe is the truth.With that said, I believe I would be doing a great diservice If I held this truth for myself.Sinse the begining of time, with the first man sin came into the world.It is a human defect born into our DNA.When the first religion Hebrew monotheism came. God gave the people the first comandments, as you know to be the ten commandments.These were a guide to show what not to do, gave them a palate for what is right and what's wrong.Through these comandments, it reavealed what sin is, witch was already at work in our members.The short term solution was a burnt sacrifice for the sins commited.Where they could have fellowship with God, and union with him.This was a temperary fix to cover sin and was not sufficiant, neither was the law, for it could not save from sin.That sin worked death in them,  but the law was good, for it said all that was sinful.If they were obedient and the law was kept, were in fellowship with God.At an appointed time God sent his son from heaven to earth, in the form of a man.He taught what is now known as Christianity and a new way.He came to die, he was the fulfillment of the law. Through his death he put the sin that was attached to the law to death with him.He was God, and God dwelt in him fully, he was what is the maxamim capacity of a human being, therefore he was the perfect and acceptable sacrifice for sin.He stood in the place of all humanity taking all sin upon himself puting it to death, having become God In a man, hence the name "son of man."Through his resurection he overcame sin and death, and he assended to heaven.He fullfiled all things in heaven and earth, reconciling the world to him self through death, resurection, and assention.Here's where we come in, this was the Gift of God, we did nothing to earn it, nor had to do anything.By believing he died and resurected we recieve it by faith.We were baptized in his death and our sin, and raised through his resurection, recieving everlasting life.Being alive in him who gives us life, we were born again, taking upon ourselves a new nature.The old sin nature passed away, and we were infused with his nature.Through his assention to heaven, He seald the covenent in the holy of holy's as an everlasting covenent.He gave us the helper the holy spirit witch will guide us to the path, and lead us to all truth.Through Jesus we are justified before God, and be in right standing, and have fellowship with him.Through this nature we have access to God and can come boldly to the throne of grace.This nature is Holy and pure and giving us the ability to live to the high calling of God, living in the manner of Godlyness.This also makes us one with him, that where he is we may be there also.I want to include my exsperiance I had with God I was on my death bed waiting to die, I prayed to God, and believed he rose from the dead, I started reading my bible, and even though I didn't fully comprehend what it said I knew Jesus came and died for me.Days went by, and a meraculous thing happened, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, it was the purist exsilerating exsperiance, like i was wraped with love, It was the baptizim of the holy spirit sealing me in Christ.  There are many reasons we need Jesus, It is my joy and excitement to reveal these awesome events that accured 2000 years ago and is still opperating today.I hope that you see your need for Jesus.If you have any questions I would be glad to tackle them.Call, believe, and confess and accept him today, friends. Light Love and Peace to you.

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