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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The world stopped in its tracks 10+ years ago on the 11th September 2001 and every person can remember just what they were doing at the time of the disasters.
Whichever way it is viewed, whether through conspiracy theory that the American Government was behind the attacks, whether it was secular, the fact remains those in and connected to that day, lived very particular experiences that day and many felt the physical loss of those they loved.
When you understand the nature of why you are here, as an energy being within your physical body, there is an understanding that as energy you are immortal, you can never die. It is only the physical form that ends, your energy; your essence is very much alive.
What is also important is to understand how your energetic frequency causes such events to happen. It is scientifically proven that your cells take their signal from your belief system, which determines the frequency at which you resonate. What resonates out, attracts back the same frequency in experiences.
So with this let us look at what was happening leading up to 9/11. The media news was relentlessly pushing out propaganda related to Afganistan and other ‘terrorist threat’ countries. They even predicted where attacks would take place.
Now bear in mind the one singular thing that makes this all conditioning…YOU create your reality in every second. There is NO future; you create it, individually, as unique life experiences.
What the conditioning did was to create fear and as we know when the masses are in fear they can be controlled. What is dangerous with all fear based media, is that it causes mass hysteria. Many thousands of people all focusing on whether a bomb will drop in their town, whether a suicide bomber is next to them on the bus or tube. Whether, they themselves will die.

Energetically this is moving people on mass, into low frequency and this is being sustained by continued media coverage, forums, lobbies, anti war demonstrations. Such low frequency was created it attracted the same frequency back in experiences, so the focus on being bombed brought the experiences of…being bombed, energy is just following its own natural Universal laws ‘What is like unto itself is drawn’.

All experiences not desired, immediately give you the contrast to what you do desire and 9/11 was no exception. The learning from this is to help the world to take their focus off terror and fear and focus instead on abundance and peace.
How do you start doing this? You stop buying into the conditioning. Until the news media gets the message through lost revenues that the paying public desire news presented in a positive, high frequency manner, make the conscious choice to stop watching TV, listening to news on the radio and reading newspapers. Choose what films or ‘programmes’ (note the control in the very word) you watch, choose the music you listen to, choose to get your information online.

In remembering 9/11 let us remember the good news that happened on that day, the healing and power of love. Here are a few examples:
• In the ten days after 9-12, 400 Houston couples withdrew divorce documents.
• Israel withdrew from West Bank towns and agreed to a Palestinian state.
• U.S. airspace was closed on 9-11, Delta flight 15 and 52 other airplanes from all over the world were diverted to New Foundland. Under the direction of the Red Cross, the small town of Gander and surrounding communities sent convoys of school buses to ferry 10,500 stranded passengers to high schools, meeting halls, and lodges where they found cots, or mats with sleeping bags and pillows. Families were kept together. The elderly were taken to private homes. Women’s-only facilities were made available. High school children worked to take care of the “plane people”. Stranded passengers were offered phone calls and e-mails once a day.
• Within hours of the World Trade Center attacks, Hoffeld had gathered members to set up public trauma workshops, and make hundreds of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, which they stuffed into duffel bags and brought to hungry firefighters that day.
• And the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. created a “Cards of Compassion” campaign to donate 558 teddy bears to families of firefighters, police and rescue workers. The company collected 150,000 messages of love and hope from people all over the country. Then they printed, and delivered the bounty of messages and bears with the help of Federal Express.

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