Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

All the  teachers of The Way encourage the ones on the Path,

To embrace the truth of who they are and to ack knowledge

The connection of the unbroken flow of energy anchored

 Within the point of light in the mind of God

To the receptive point within your consciousness.

And so we say Yes, to a power that is inherent within our souls,

Which connects us to the Cosmic Consciousness.

While still functioning in the limited time and space of Earths realm.

So that we may bridge our souls and so anchor our selves to the infinite.

And so allow a wider and deeper perception to our purpose here on Earth.

And so we may be called upon to be open to serve.

That act of service holds the sharing of unlimited energy from the source.

To aid in the world that has limited its reception

And has been governed by fear and the forces of darkness,

And has limited form through karmic ties to pain & suffering.

Now you can be given the missing piece that can set you free.

It holds the key, which is given by the One who is a Master of Light.

And that key is Love.

A Love so great, A love so powerful and a love so magnetic that it draws

You out of the karmic chain of suffering and allows you to accept and understand the very foundation of creation.

This Love is our reason for Being.

And yet there are those who would have you limit this love,

And control love and measure and manipulate this love.

When in truth this Love is Unconditional.

It can accept all of who you are,

It can forgive all of the pain, you have experienced

That has held you the karmic circle of illusion and dreams.

It can allow you to embrace your life, and your Heart and Soul.

It holds the key to the Kingdom of the God’s heaven,

And your way of living here on earth.

It is your soulution, and your salvation.

It is your redemption on this long journey home.

So open your heart and see experience the Vision of God.

A God that has unconditional Love.

So you may know your purpose and you may gleam the gift

waiting within you and you  may fulfill your part in God’s plan.

Can you believe that this is so? Can you say yes to your soul?

For it is here for you Right now, to find it , to live it, and to be it.

So Love may prevail here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

And we give great thanks to God, for it is so.

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