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The Law of One




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1. Introduction

2. If you feel you are a Wanderer

i. You are loved.

ii. You are not alone.

iii. You have service to perform for planet Earth.

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4. The Law of One Sessions [Online Version]

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The Law of One

“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” (from session 4)

The Law of One books were channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984. The books (there are five) can be freely downloaded from their library.




If you feel you are a Wanderer


1. You are loved.

January 6, 2001

“We would take a moment to step back and ask each to come with us. See yourself at this time resting upon your seats, your limbs relaxed and your minds quiet. See the beauty of the evening, the patchwork of snow and earth and tree. And see yourself lifting away from that chair and that close environment of home and friends, and drawing back in space until the Earth becomes smaller and smaller and disappears, and you are one with the stars and space and distance that is the outer appearance of the house of the Creator, the infinite creation of which you are a part. Rest in this larger identity and know that you are loved by the one infinite Creator, that you have been with that Creator since before there was time or space, without duration. without dimension. You are a citizen of eternity, a being of infinity. In your heart of hearts, in your deepest self, you have no limitations, you have no location, and you have no set personality shell as you now experience these things. Your truth, beyond all telling, lies in this oneness with the one great original Thought that has created each long before there was a planet or dimensionality or sequence.”


January 16, 2000 

“To us, each entity has already ascended. For to us the energy which is you is already perfect. We encourage each of you to seek in whatever way is helpful to you. As always, we encourage meditation. Simply lighting the candle and sitting with the candle is a life-changing habit if it be prosecuted through time. And we encourage all the other avenues of seeking as well. Most of all, we encourage you to believe in your own rightness, for that which inspires you may not inspire others. But that does not matter. That does not signify anything for you. Whatever moves you to think upon who you are, why you are here, where you are going, of these things we greatly approve. And because each entity is very much, and of necessity, alone in the seeking within, become more and more aware of the great aid you may be to each other by offering support and understanding wherever you can, by sharing honest emotion and opinion whenever you are asked, and by simply being there to give a smile to a stranger, or simply to interact as you go about your chores. Each of you with your many, many chores is all a-bustle, and we do enjoy tuning into groups such as this one and seeing all of the colors of your desires and hopes, your ambitions and your fears. Know that you are loved for who you are. We consider each of you our friends.”


January 12, 1986 

“Dwell in love and know that you are loved. Dwell in light and know that you shall be a light, and in that knowing, surrender.”


May 21, 2000

“We encourage each to look for ways to share the self beyond any concept of sharing the ideas or the supply. Look for ways to share the beingness. On a fundamental level it is as though the entire creation of nature were already sharing its beingness at a very intense level, holding nothing back, doubting and fearing nothing whatsoever but giving all of the self all of the time, all of the color, all of the bloom, all of the glory. That it will last for only a brief period of bloom matters not to the flower or to the blossom on the tree but only that it is there today to vibrate in the air, to drink in the wind and the sun, and to share its scent with all those around it. This is also your heritage and your manifest gift to offer, your odor, your special scent, that which you have created of thought, feeling and experience that is a vibration unlike anyone else’s and which makes your friends smile. How loved each of you is by the Creator who appreciates each essence and by those who appreciate each of you. Do what you can to become appreciators of all those around you. Perhaps you indicate only by your expression or your smile that you are entering fully into a moment with another, but that other senses the profundity of your gift. One thing unique to the offering of the essence of the self is that it cannot infringe. The self has no words, no requirements, and no demands. Presence is the perfect present.”


September 23, 2000

“Each of you, each of us within this group, each of those infinite sparks of the Logos, rest in unfathomable perfection drenched in a unity so profound that there is none to behold the light, but only the light. And this is your star being. This is your nature. Each of you has at the heart that fire of suns, that spark of creatorness that contains all that there is. And so, in a very important way, each of you is, beyond all changes, yourself. The you that was created before time and space, the only you that was ever you, the only you that will ever be you, you are unique. And truly are you precious and beloved to the Creator who values every distortion and seeming imperfection that has dented and banged you in the fire of learning and made you who you are. For you vibrate with a certain chord that cannot be duplicated, that is essentially you, that is most beautiful.”


2. You are not alone.

November 3, 2002

“There is a tremendous amount of power within the simple knowing that you are not alone, neither in your suffering nor in your confusion, but rather each of you is the center of concern, care, love and protection of several of those beings who dwell within your inner planes. Each entity who moves through the gates of incarnation into third-density existence has three of these presences. They may be characterized in different ways. This instrument was trained to characterize them as male, female and unified or androgynous. However, in addition to these entities which this instrument has a tendency to call “angelic,” there may be added to your panel of support any number of those who are attracted by your energy, your hopes, your ideals and faith or the lovely light and color of your appreciation of beauty or your devotion to service. These entities cannot help directly with the choosing of the first level of catalyst. These entities cannot make decisions for you concerning the setting of limits, the choosing of options, the selection of the various details of surface catalyst. However, if remembered and included, these presences are able to energize the forces around you to vibrate with information that will aid you as you seek to make the choices that the catalyst has brought out. These underlying shapes are shapes made by those who move in the ways of learning to love and to be loved.

When you are asking for the help of angels and guides, it is well to begin with thanksgiving, with praise and with confidence in yourself, in those who are helping you, and in the perfection of that which is quite apparently imperfect.”


June 21, 2002

“Each of you came here determined to make a difference. Each of you has those tools and resources that are needed. It is a matter of stepping forth in peace, in confidence, and in the sense that each is not alone.

And here we would encourage each more and more consciously to realize the strength of linking up with one’s spiritual family. It is as the anchor that truly does help those who are not particularly used to the exigencies of third density to feel more and more comfortable within the realms of your planetary sphere and the incarnation you are experiencing at this time. We are aware that each within this circle has serious difficulties in enjoying all aspects of planet Earth. There are memories, shall we say, of better times, of happier vibrations to rest in, and yet, once one begins to link in a comfortable and subconscious way with one’s spiritual family, one is able to recover a good bit of this sense of comfort, knowing that one truly is not alone on the level of intention and desire and group service. For this is a mission that can be done not by one but by a group. The one known as Jesus pointed out that, if an entity has perfect faith, it can move mountains, and that entity known to this group as Ra pointed out that, while it takes a pure entity to move a mountain, if a group attempts to move a mountain, each within the group may have an acceptable amount of distortion, and the mountain will still move. That is the power of the very deeply felt linking into one’s spiritual family. We leave this phrase very loose, because you have a very large family. And it is not simply one group that has come into this Earth to serve but, rather, you are experiencing a very complicated, interrelated bunch of groups from fourth density, from fifth density and from sixth density, from the inner planes and from other planets that all have been attracted to the Earth sphere at this time because of the stunning clarity of its passage at this time from one heaven and Earth to the next.”


May 20, 2001

“What we have to share, more than anything else, is an awareness of and a certainty in love itself and the power and rightness of that love—that is your very being and is our very being. We encourage each to be lifted up by whatever light comes into the heart to comfort it, that it reach hands willingly up to the angels that hope to help. We ask each to know that you are not alone and that there is comfort for the asking, for prayers are answered, and when help is requested presences are with you that love you and wish to safeguard you in every way. The Creator is not far off. The Creator is very, very near. This is good to remember.”


September 23, 2001

“You are not alone, my friends. There is a great company of the heavenly host which moves at this time to send its light where it is most needed according to the difficulties that various portions of your planet now experience. As your meditation groups meet and send their light it is joined by the light of many, many others and moves into those areas at this time that are in difficulty.”


3. You have service to perform for planet Earth.

June 21, 2002

“We encourage the one known as T1 to dance, to play the games, and to realize that there are no mistakes. It is perfectly well to work to share the information that it finds important, but it is just as important to share it in a way that expresses the quality of the open and flowing heart that is grounded in trust and shaped to express that love which flows through the instrument of the human body, mind and spirit in an infinite supply at all times. This is the heart of the mission shared by all those who are awakening upon planet Earth at this time. Each of you came here determined to make a difference. Each of you has those tools and resources that are needed.”


March 18, 2001

“Another aspect of being a wanderer, which is common to those from elsewhere and to those who are native to the Earth sphere, is the enormous yearning to serve. And we say to each that the main service of each of you is the service of being yourself. For when you are most truly and deeply yourself, when your heart is open and vibrating in its fullness, you become a crystal capable of receiving energy, transmuting energy and releasing energy into the Earth’s sphere. Many of you from other planets have come here specifically to do this. It is a simple process. You breathe in. You breathe out. You allow the truth to flow through you. You allow the infinite supply of energy that is the love of the Creator to flow through your energetic system and out into the Earth planes, and as you bless this process, encourage it, you intensify and enhance those vibrations that move into the Earth plane. Each of you, by being the way you are, is at this time a servant of the light, and you need do nothing more than live and love to fulfill your mission upon Earth. Naturally, each of you gave yourself gifts to share, lessons to learn and outer services to perform. And we encourage each to move along those lines of talent and gifts as you perceive them, looking for ways to share those gifts. But realize that, more than those outer doings, the inner essence is the true and central gift of the life, which you have come to offer. It is a beautiful gift. It is a gift that will take you all your life to give, and our encouragement to you is to give this gift and do this service regardless of what else you seem to be doing in your life.”


March 21, 1999

“For each, the ship upon which each finds herself is without a lodestone or rudder. But, rather, there is a sail which may be moved about by the seeker to catch the winds of spirit. Once one has been able, even for a short time, to run before the wind of spirit and to feel the sails billow, one has become able to recognize what it feels like to be in the rhythm and in the rightness of things. For truly we say to you, to the best of our knowledge, each has a destiny. Each has a mission. Each has come into incarnation with gifts to share, with a mission to fulfill, a service to do, and with learning to accomplish. The learning is always about love. The serving is always about trusting in the rightness of the moment.”


January 19, 1997 

“May we say that the conversation preceding this message was, we felt, most enlightened, for each was speaking of the being as opposed to the doing. You see, it is the love with which you do things that radiates; it is not the things that you do. Among your peoples this has been much misunderstood, for people look to see if there is some service that can be their spiritual gift to the world. They are looking for a dramatic role to play, to teach or to heal or to prophesy. And yet these things are forever secondary to the primary mission of each of you upon this particular planet in this particular density at this time. The mission before each of you is simply to address all of that which comes to you with an open heart, just that. And yet just that is the work of lifetime upon lifetime, for how can a person in a heavy illusion such as you now enjoy be fearless? It is not within the physical body to be fearless. It is not within the earthly brain, that choice-maker, to be fearless. Indeed, only the foolish are fearless, and yet the teacher known to you as Jesus the Christ has said that it is only to the foolish that the wisdom comes. It is only to those who live as little children that the kingdom is inherited.

How can a sensible, sane person, gazing upon a rather dangerous world, feel no fear? This is the crux. Here is the center. Just here, where fear shuts the door of the heart, here lies the opportunity to learn. This instrument has moved past the death experience and returned. Consequently, this instrument’s life since that experience has been relatively fearless. We bring this up to emphasize that what each fears in an archetypical sense is the cessation of being. When one feels threatened those emotions which do not have intelligence but are simply instinctual rise up to defend and protect. And it takes a great deal of care and discipline and perseverance to teach the self to lay down its arms and to be peaceful with the self. 

Each of you has the issues of all the world within you. This instrument is concerned for the peace of the world and prays for it often, and yet if this instrument prayed for peace within itself, it would be the same prayer. Indeed, it is our humble opinion that the most efficient way to bring the world to peace is to learn peace within the self, for as you think, as you are, so your universe in toto is also, for your consciousness is as a field and each bit of fear that you are able to let drop, each time that you find your heart expanding, the consciousness of your planet is being lightened. There is no lag time between the open heart of self and service to the planet, that lightening of the consciousness of planet Earth. You came among these entities of flesh and bone. You took that flesh upon yourself and buried yourself in a world of shadows because you wished to make a difference. You heard the sorrow of those who dwell with you now. And you wished to stand among them as a witness and as one who was a channel for love. This is your great chance. These are the days you hoped and prepared for, and now the time is upon you, and how quickly, my friends, it is going. Is it not?”



The Law of One has been translated, in part or in whole, into Chinese, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Turkish. Do you know of another translation? Please let me know!

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The files below are in PDF format. They will open in a new window and can be read or printed from there. The contents are identical to the printed versions of the same books.

The Law of One - PDF version

Book I: Copyright © 1984 James Allen McCarty, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert; ISBN: 0-945007-01-9

Book II: Copyright © 1982 L/L Research; ISBN: 0-945007-02-7

Book III: Copyright © 1982 L/L Research; ISBN: 0-945007-03-5

Book IV: Copyright © 1982 L/L Research; ISBN: 0-945007-04-3

Book V: Copyright © 1998 L/L Research; ISBN: 0-924608-21-8

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