Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Heaven shines from up above,
Sending messages down with love.
They give us gifts of tender sight,
Some fighting death with all their might.
These gifts we call our precious children,
For which we thank God for every day.
So innocent and meek,
So strong but yet so weak.
A drift of sunbeam shining down,
Uproots a smile from a frown.
Some of their worlds tear them up inside,
So many rules in life to which they abide.
Soft whispers to them God shares,
Drive away scary nightmares.
Some lose precious battles,
The lives on Earth it rattles.
These we call our Angels in heaven.
Some win the taunting fight,
Which to lives brings cherished light.
These we call our Angels on Earth.


I found a wonderful place for me to be
Down by the ocean, where my spirit's set free
The gentle breeze blowing the mist upon my face
As the waves crash on the rocks all over the place
Foot prints are covered by the incoming tide
As surfers try catching that perfect ride
The smell of the water is so fresh and new
The color changes from green to blue
When the surf is high with peaks so white
And the sun is shining with a glare so bright
As I feel your love I know I'm not alone
And the echos' I hear are calling me home
Home to where you are waiting for me
And together we'll travel down to the sea
The sea where all life truly began
Thanks to the Lord, the Father of man
So whenever you feel the beginning of doubt
Remember the truth of what life's all about
There's no guarantee, you can only pray for the best
Have faith in the Lord, and He'll do the rest

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