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The Lunar Eclipse & Venus Transit of June 2012 ~ Children of the Sun

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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

    The Lunar Eclipse & Venus Transit of 2012 


The Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ Full Moon Monday, June 4

as synchronized with The Amazon Transmissions! 



The Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit of June 2012   

The remarkable astronomical transits of May continue into the month of June with the historic Venus Transit traveling across the face of the Sun. This will be preceded by a Lunar Eclipse. The partially eclipsed Full Moon forms a mutable T-square involving the Sun, Venus and Mars, giving great opportunity to heal gender issues and relationships of every type.  

Days immediately following the Lunar Eclipse, June 5-6, we will experience a rare and spectacular event known as the Venus Transit. This is essentially an eclipse, however, instead of the moon coming between the Earth and the Sun it is the planet Venus. As the basis of the Mayan "Long Count Calendar", the Venus Transit is regarded by many as the celestial signal that the "Great Transformation of the Closing of the Cycle" has begun. 


As the blended radiations of the Sun and Venus make their way into the Earth's electromagnetic field, it weaves the energies of illuminating love and unity into mass consciousness. This is a profound catapulting force and opportunity for mass healing, transcendance of 3d sexual attitudes and the integration of gender polarities.




Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Monday, June 4

The Planetary Grid Transmissions...
as synchronized with the Amazon Transmissions!

Our Unified Focus:
  • Transcending "Personality Love"
  • Transcending Sexual Desire and Control Patterns  
  • Transmuting the Distorted Sexual Imprint    
  • Transcending Gender Identification 
Through the influence of the culminating cycle of the Venus Transit, together with these incoming stellar light frequencies, we are being greatly assisted, energetically and structurally, to reunite with our wholeness as an Androgynous Being in union with our Source of Life.
It is from this reintegrated wholeness that we are able to interpret information from the levels of Omnipresence Oneness in a manner that will raise us collectively into infinitely powerful and incredibly loving beings of tremendous wisdom. As we incorporate this new programming, we will operate more deeply and confidently from a balanced and magnificent mantle of Cosmic Love, Cosmic Wisdom and Cosmic Power. 

We simultaneously give great service to Mother Earth, our galaxy and the entire universe. Through our willingness to completely remove the holographic imprint of separation from our own personal vehicles, we help to transmute gender division and its distortions from the macro levels including war and conflict, hatred, victimhood, suppression, control and sexual abuse; to name a few.
We are revealing a completely new way of relating in which each person operates as a sovereign entity, fully balanced and centered from within. This attitude of conscious living serves as a precursor to the emergence of sacred relationships with any and all others who are also operating from this high level attunement.   

Transcending "Personality Love"

Through these celestial alignments in May-June, 2012, we are greatly supported by the surging forces of incomprehensible Love from the Galactic Center.
These omnipotent cohesive forces are spawning a transformative process of the desire nature, or conditional love from the personality nature, linking us up with the greater magnetism of the love aspect on the buddhic plane, the plane of unity.

Transcending Sexual Desire and Control Patterns

It is during this phase that many of us may now transcend physical sexual desire and any related dysfunction. This especially concerns the force which brings about the physical merging as a result of our responses to the body's animal nature. These are acts of sexual sensory pleasure, self-oriented sexual control, sexual abuse and imbalanced emotional patterns as a result of the sexual identity and appetite.  
This is not to say that celibacy is required for ascension. It is the addiction to sexual relating as a pleasure seeking desire or as a barrier to self love that is to be examined.  It is the qualifying intention that determines the vibration of the sexual intimacy.
Both sexes strongly identify with the sexual centers, the genitals, which becomes the primary driving force behind existence. We are conditioned to believe in the need to express ourselves from our gender identification and sexuality for pleasure. This is another great illusion of our attachment to the senses.
Many of us are still embarrassed or carry self worth issues around our bodies and especially in our nakedness to others. Our egos have caused us to judge ourselves and others based on the size and function of our sexual centers and the overall sexual desirability of our bodies. As a result, we criticize the perfection of God's Design.
Here are some key questions that we may ask ourselves...
  • Are you the master of your sexuality...or is it the master of you?            
  • Does your sexuality serve a selfish purpose or a selfless purpose? 
  • Does the flow of your sexuality serve the lower self... or the Higher Self? In other words... does your sexuality serve love and intimacy or just materialistic animal pleasure?
  • Is your sexuality being used for the raising of your kundalini and brain illumination or just for a second chakra release? 
  • Do you feel embarrassed or ugly to be naked in front of others? 
  • Do you judge your body's genitals ..  or your ability to engage in sexual intimacy?

Sexuality was created by God as an act of procreation and designed to be enjoyed as a communication device within the service of love. When used in service of the Higher Self, it becomes a most sacred consecration.

As we expand beyond our physical senses, we begin to experience the infinite bliss that is available to us through our connection to God. New meanings of intimacy will emerge as we embody more and more light and our sexuality transitions to the pure embrace of energetic union and rapture with all beings and realms of dimension.

Once we transcend the pull of the lower chakras and become the master of our three-fold personality (the physical, emotional, mental), these chakras fold up into our heart center and we become radiators of unconditional Love. Sexuality and pro-creation occurs through the divine impulse of pure thought and Divine Love as union with God Source.

Transmuting the Distorted Sexual Imprint

We are ready to transmute and transcend the misuse of sexuality as a power base in the old paradigm for both males and females.

Women, in particular, have been carrying the record of sexual trauma and abuse for a long time, sustaining the imbalance of gendered energies on the Earth.

Transcending Gender Polarity and Identification    
For contemplation...
The Law of Gender embodies the truth that gender is manifested in everything. The masculine and feminine is ever at work on all planes of causation. On the higher planes, gender expresses through higher forms of manifestation. This law works in the direction of generation, regeneration, and creation. All life forms contain the two elements of gender - masculine and feminine.
- On the great physical plane, the sexes of all species are manifested as male and female and they each play their role in sexual reproduction.
- On the great mental plane, gender manifests as masculine and feminine energies that exist within each and every person. Every male has its female element, and every female has its male element.
- On the great spiritual plane, gender manifests as the Father-Mother principle of the Infinite Omnipresent God in whose mind the universe is conceived and firmly held. It is written, "We all live, move, and have our being within God".  
In the Earth ascension process, the human personality achieves the merger of God, and the self is seen as neither male or female, but as one blended whole.



shipibo girl  



with Energy Transference to all Planetary Light Servers!

Next Transmission ~ Full Moon Eclipse ~ June 4, 2012

During 2012, the Children of the Sun Foundation is sponsoring Group Expeditions deep into the Amazon Jungle in which group participants will undergo an intense bodily purification program to initiate the greater metamorphic processes of physical body transfiguration.  


Serving as prototypes, participants are placing their bodies in service to the collective. Mass energy transference will be conducted to transmit the direct experience, together with realizations and self actualizations, to a wider reach and network of Planetary Light Servers.

The May/June Expedition Team is transferring the direct experience relating to our current focus of...
  • Transcending "Personality Love"
  • Transcending Sexual Desire and Control Patterns  
  • Transmuting the Distorted Sexual Imprint 
  • Integration of Gender Polarities  
  • Transcending Gender Identification 
Through their high energy harmonic, their interlocking energy matrix is the KEY that unlocks the codes to the new genetic programming.  It is this unlocking that fires the collective DNA and that which will be transferred out to the entire Group Avatar of Children of the Sun. 

Each of these journeys will also assist to open a Portal of Light for the upper Amazon region of northern Peru and reaching into Brazil, Columbia and Ecuador.  




Transmitting from the Direct Experience!

During the Planetary Grid Transmissions

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, June 4


mariana  nathan  eva
 Mariana, Columbia/USA    Nathan, USA          Eva, USA  
      Ian, Canada                Lynda, Ireland            Kenna, Ecuador    
 Gisele, Ecuador            Eddie, USA             Kimberlee, USA
     Hortensia, USA             Jannet, Canada              Lilian, USA
      Sharna, Panama          Andreea, Romania          




Facilitators: Shipibo Plant Master Funi and his Amazon Jungle Pueblo
Tiara Kumara of Children of the Sun Foundation 
Shipibo Shaman Francisco Vasques Huousta of Pullcalpa 

With tremendous gratitude to Casa Shipiba.


transit map



S U R F     R E P O R T

Enters the Goddess

venus symbol     


In order to get a perspective on the Venus transit, I think we need to get a better understanding of what the symbol of Venus represents. Once we know 'who she is' then we can go onto 'how she moves' and lastly but most important what is 'she doing now'.

venus-globeVenus is the brightest object in our sky, next to the Sun and the Moon.venus-real Because it orbits in 224.7 days, it appears to us as both the morning star (Eosphorus) and the evening star (Hesperus). It looks all milky white, like the marble statues done by the Greeks. The other point of good correlation between the 'image of Venus' and the 'reality of Venus' is that she may be the Goddess of Love but she is never weak!

The average temperature on the surface of Venus is 460* Celsius and it is covered with numerous volcanoes larger than 100 km. The beautiful milky white clouds are 97% sulfuric acid. This is definitely not weak!

Now let's go on to how she moves. This  again is not weak.


Because of the differences in Gaea's orbit and Venus' orbit we hook-up five times in a cycle. There is a fabulous website that will satisfy even the most critical of researchers by Nick Anthony Fiorenza where many of the orbital images came from.

Now you can see why the pentacle is associated with Goddess worship! It is the orbit and its relationship to Gaia! The most fundamental geometry which generates all life is based on the five pointed star in the circle. What most people don't know is that this is the most fundamental of all 4-D symbols. The triangle is to 2-D, as the tetrahedron is to 3-D, as the pentatope is to 4-D... change your viewing angle on a pentatope and you have a pentacle.

star 5 pt              tri               tetra              pentatope             star

The Orbit of Venus (the pentacle) is in fact the most basic of all hyper-dimensional shapes. It is found in all dimensions having platonic solids and is fundamental to going hyper-dimensional.

Like I have said before the Goddess is not weak!

She nurtures life, is the key to Love, the golden mean, and going hyper-dimensional.  So now let's see how she is doing now.

Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, Astarte, Sif,  Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (lord of the house of Dawns), and the Maya: Kukulcan, all names of Venus, will cross in front of the sun on June 5/6th. This is what is called the transit of Venus. It is so rare because the next time this happens is 6872 AD. I don't know about you but I hope I'm not around for the next one!

There are two eclipses preceding the Venus Transit, a Solar Eclipse which just occurred on the 20th of May and a partial Lunar Eclipse two days before Venus passes between the Earth and Sun on 4th June. I would rate this sequence of events the most significant astrological event of 2012.

During the Lunar Eclipse, the Moon will be in 14*13' Sagittarius, opposing the Sun in 14*13' Gemini. The eclipsed Moon and the Sun will be forming a square to Mars in Virgo and to the Arabic Part of Fortune in Pisces. Furthermore, retrograde Venus will be combust (conjunct; where the Sun superpowers Venus). 


The Sabian symbols spell out the picture.   


14-15 deg Gemini; Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge (direct honest communication) 


14-15 deg Sagittarius; The Ground Hog Looking For Its Shadow On Ground Hog Day 
(the wake-up call) 


Then 2 days later Venus transit 20'35" Scorpio. 


20-21 deg Scorpio; Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders (the end of war) 


astro venusVenus eclipsing the Sun represents an awakening of the Divine Feminine energies in our world. For thousands of years, the world has been ruled by patriarchal societies. These masculine rulers have created wars, power struggles, destruction, pollution, fear, pain, separation and famine.  They have shown little or no respect for feminine wisdom or for Gaea. Their time to rule has ended and it is written in the stars! 


On May 20th,  the Sun prepared the way for the entrance of the Goddess. At new moon/beginnings/eclipses there is honest communication and one last wake-up call two days before Venus parades before the Sun and she has decreed there must be an end to war... 


How perfect is that?!!!

With loving service to Gaea,  
Aniel, Child of the Sun 

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. | | 404 M. Mt. Shasta Blvd, Suite 320 | Mt. Shasta | CA | 96067


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