Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The project, what it is and how you can be involved and help!

Hi All!

Click "See More" below or the title right above here to read all of this and see a video I have outlining what is going on!
Lots of new stuff going on with the project(s). A lot of what is going on and in the planning stages isn't live on the sites yet as some of it needs to be looked at to see how it's all going to fit together and figure out the best way to have it online, so keep in mind the site isn't complete.
Any and all involvement by you and help is appreciated! The more involved people are and the more support we have in general directly affects how much we can do, and we can do a LOT.

Any questions, ideas or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

More info and how to donate here...

Peace to All,

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