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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


Business is changing…it had to, as energetically our glorious corporate world and governments have created the perception of lack which moves whole populations into low frequency. Energy then attracts back that same frequency in the lack of economic opportunities, so providing exactly what the masses resonate out…lack.
However, nothing could be further from the truth. There is always wealth and the 1% of the population know this and keep the true facts to themselves, feeding the general public with mis information and false perceptions of poverty.
Why would they do this?
To keep ‘wealth’ circulating within a select community. Yet this in itself comes from low frequency and lack. ‘How can those who are perceived as financially wealthy be in lack?’ you ask and this is where you need to open your own perception and look at wealth on a quantum scale.
Every government, pharmaceutical company, army and governing body is a label…for the people within it. It is these people, these individuals who make the decisions that affect millions and they are doing this from their own personal belief in wealth.
What is more important is that they are making these decisions from their own personal belief in their self worth – or lack of it.
The  perception of the crumbling economies comes from these individuals own lack of self worth, where they believe there is not enough to go round and that wealth is to be ‘hoarded’ by the few so it does go round – because they do not fundamentally honour their own worth or believe in their own value.
Let us look at the true facts:
  • There is no money, physical money does not exist, it is a perception that has been propagated for hundreds of years.
  • All ‘financial’ structures are based on debt, so when you borrow, you do so on ‘money’ that is already ‘owed ‘ and that is based on no collateral (basically made from thin air)
  • What money IS, is energy.
It is the transmutation of energy to create opportunities in the physical world. Energy has to match each person’s resonating frequency, as this is part of how the universal laws governing the physical world work.
Our frequency is determined by the signal our cells take from our…beliefs.
When your belief is in low self worth, you will resonate out low frequency. Energy will match this with the same frequency in experiences and opportunities; so you will keep experiencing lack and conditions that keep you believing you are not worthy. From here true wealth cannot flow, as ‘wealth’ is abundance and this only resonates in high frequencies. By being in low frequency, by not honouring your worth, you actually cause resistance to energy attracting abundance to you.
When your belief is to value your worth, to believe in your abundance, then you are resonating in high frequencies. Energy will always attract to you, the same high frequencies in opportunities and experiences. Here is where you see the energetic difference. In honouring your worth, energetically you are accepting to receive and energy then brings in the matching frequency to allow wealth to flow to you, through high frequency experiences and opportunities.
All it takes to create global abundance is to start at the quantum level of wealth, to empower every individual in knowing, valuing and owning their worth. I have often said ‘ Put me in a room of politicians and lock the door!’ as the process of building conscious government, schooling and health, begins at the quantum level with every individual.




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Comment by Edel O'Mahony on March 19, 2012 at 3:51am

Low frequency will only bring low frequency experiences and these correlate to the low end of the human emotional scale, where fear, doubt, anxiety and anger reside. Energy works through this physical universe by attracting the frequency back that you resonate out. Abundance is the alignment to energy in high frequency, full unconditional love is high frequency. It is only in the physical world that polarity exists, in energy there is only love. :)

Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on March 18, 2012 at 4:23am

energy comes from abundance that's right but we have to balance it.

are we sure lower frequency is a bad thing? if we just say "i love you" our hearth could beat higher and after some time it slows down for peace feelings

society speed affects our souls by creating unexisting money.......couldn't be an answer slow down? 


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