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Ascension is the journey into that beautiful dimension of a higher state of being and consciousness, the spiraling journey from separation to wholeness, from fear to love and from polarity to connection. The path of slowly dropping the mind and associated garbage to a point (still point in time) where there are no more noises, ripples, memories hindering us from fully integrating the divine, thereby leading us to a place of total bliss, unconditional love and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Ascension is related to the Shift, going Home is precisely what the Shift is all about. The Shift is clearing away all that we are not, and assisting us in re-wiring the connections, so that we can finally remember all that we are. The purpose of the Shift is to facilitate, assist and bring to us all the possibilities that will allow us to release who we are not, as well as enable us to embrace who we have always been but have forgotten.

It is a process of reconnection to God through expanding our consciousness, Awakening, Self Realization, Enlightenment (integrating more and more light); retracing our steps anew in each moment as we re-member in order to play the duality game. When we realize that we are a part of the larger whole, and learning to come into alignment with source; remembering who we truly are as spiritual beings having a human experience, and living that truth by example. This is the ability to constantly choose Light over Darkness; to permanently strive and live in the Light - creating Heaven on Earth. Ascension is the transition into a higher vibrating frequency version of Earth, an Earth of joy, balance and harmony.

Ascension is the process we each undergo as we develop spiritually and raise our vibrations, allowing more light into our beings. Everything we do; our thoughts, emotions, actions, all we say etc, create a vibration that makes us who we are. The more these are purified, the more our overall vibration is raised and the more we move towards the true spiritual being we truly are.

We are currently moving through the final days of our third dimensional experience on planet Earth - End Times as all the signs highlighting this event are fast manifesting today; the fact is that we are not only moving there but we are already there - any intelligent observer will recognize the fulfillment of the Scripture prophesies. Time seems to accelerate ever faster while our planet experiences erratic weather patterns, extreme temperature changes, major volcanic activity, fires, floods, oil spill and global warming. We are in the throes of an immense shift as Planet Earth and all life forms or rather all the kingdoms upon her make their Ascension.

Many prophecies have been made about the end times, the 'end of days' and the end of the world. When taken literally, we think they mean that the earth and everything on it will be destroyed - Armageddon. But that looks at the process from a purely material, third dimensional perspective. It is the end of the world as we have known it but the world itself is not ending. It is the end of a human paradigm, a massive shift that will take humanity out of the world it has known for eons and into a new world that is being created as we read this. This transformation of man/the rebirthing of planet Earth is what Christian Scientists have described as the photon belt encounter (Christus) - the Second Coming of Christ, Christ here meaning a state of being/consciousness - the "Christ office". Astronomers have often described this phenomenon as the imminent collision of our solar system by an electromagnetic cloud. This event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well known in the prophecies of Christianity.

As this long cycle draws to its close we are experiencing the unfolding of a Divine Plan, designed by the Great Creator of All That Is. For countless millennia we have witnessed the forces of power and control bend and shape humanity to suit the outcomes of their agendas. These included: endless wars, global poverty in support of a small wealthy elite, ignorance, suppression of the truth regarding humanity’s sacred purpose and a pervasive culture of duality consciousness. The time has now arrived for our earth and all upon her to move from a third dimensional reality into a fifth dimensional one together with its expanded state of consciousness. The onset of a glorious new Golden Age of Light will slowly emerge as humanity finally assumes its caring stewardship of our planet, together with the co-operative sharing of Earth’s resources among all her inhabitants and an end to the waging of war as a solution to our problems and differences. A newly emerging unity consciousness (Oneness) based on loving compassion will finally bring about the peace, truth, joy and abundance we have all longed to express and enjoy.

We must readjust our thought processes, letting go of old limiting belief systems while embracing a new reality which requires us to take back our personal power (a fearless state, which assumes full responsibility for the results of each of our thoughts, words and actions). All our present jobs, relationships, possessions, etc. must be relinquished if these do not support a new non-competitive and lovingly co-operative mode of being. In addition we must release deeply held and painful old emotional issues if we wish to support a higher state of consciousness.

Now is the time for an end to the dramas of false action, the exerting of crushing power over others and the constant self-seeking of inflated egos. There is no middle ground, for either one chooses to commit totally to the light and its corresponding action or one continues to cling to money, material comforts, false truths - dogmas and the selfish abuse of Earth’s precious resources. The new age will occur both for our planet and for all of her inhabitants who consciously choose to participate. Embrace these changes and go with the flow, as a wonderful world awaits those who chose to make this journey. A new light is emerging as never before seen on Planet Earth. Be in joy for the great awakening of humanity is now fully upon us. This occasion is special in that we can progress very quickly with immense help from outside – the spiritual hierarchy; individuals have always ascended through sheer determination and working in the Light, but now the opportunity is being made known to as many souls as possible.

Thomas Pafe: Radio Scientist, Teacher, author – `The Religion of Love`

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