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Your souls’ promise

If all the Precepts can not be
Put into your life’s work
And into every interaction
Then they are not useful

Every positive ray of energy
Every Insight
Every interaction
Should be infused
With the soul’s strong support
And God’s loving Light
And seen as part of Life’s learning experience
The practice field for the Game of Life

Hold love that it is the core of your being
In your God’s Self
And allow it to motivate you
To work with love
To Have compassion
And to be a servant to the Way of Living
With Light and Love

Use the tools of Light and Love
That have been given you
Let them Work for You and Guide you
To your Life’s Goals

And as you are Being your Best
Allow others to be inspired to so live

By transforming your life
Show other how their life can be transformed
And so live the legacy of Light and Love
And fulfill your soul’s promise

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