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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I think about Love – a lot. In fact I’m sure some people wish I would think or talk about something else for awhile. I am trying to change my perception around this word, from what I believe it “should” mean, into knowing it can mean what I choose it to.

Do I limit my potential to love by categorizing it? I believe I do. I mean, if I love you like I love my mom, sisters, dog or iguana, how do I choose who goes into which category? What traits do you have to have before you are worthy of the same love my mom gets? HUH? Can’t I just love, without placing you into the appropriate category? I believe I can, if that is what I intend.

I am talking about love that comes from deep within - you know – the kind that makes your eyes water, and your tummy bubble because your heart is bursting. When I am cuddling my dog, and she is looking at me with those big, dark, sad eyes filled with love, I get that feeling. This is my unconditional love feeling. I call this spirit love, or the love that comes from my spirit as opposed to the love of my ego mind. So if I look at you and feel the same, does this mean I love you like I love my dog, or can it just mean I love you?

I dunno, I also believe that those who are the hardest to love are the ones who need it the most. Can I do that? Can I love you without knowing you? Can I love like this every day? Ha ha, probably not, but I can intentionally work on it, and keep doing my very best from moment to moment.

I know everyone defines this word based on their own beliefs about what it should feel or look like. What about you? How do you define it? Do you limit your capacity to love by categorizing it?

I have heard it said that love changes everything, how can we know that if we are not determined and committed to trying?


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