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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This is your Life, Deal with it


When you open your eyes to the Way life is,

You see so much work to do.

There’s so much sadness and such despair

And such violence and hatred, it’s True.


If we run away and hide from it,

We can feel better for a while,

But then life taps us on the shoulder,

And shows us we can’t really hide.


And when I  pray to God I hear these Words

From the Silence that‘s inside.

This is Life, Just deal with it,

And as you deal with it I’m by your side.


So early in the morning, before the break of dawn,

I find the Place of  Light that’s there,

And I ask in silent prayer.

Lord, help me on this journey,

For I can’t do it on my own,

Help me just to deal with it,

For I know I’m not alone.


It’s so hard to face the darkness,

And what’s needed to be yet done,

To bring a little Heaven here to Earth,

To bring in all your light and love.


But if you help to Guide me,

And if you show the Way,

I know that I can deal with it

Each and every day.


You’ve given me so many Blessings,

You’ve shown me so much love,

So I will try to deal with it,

even  through the darkness I know I’m not alone.

And I really do Believe, even if I get lost along the Way,

I’ll find the strength to deal with it,

Deal with it in your name.



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