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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

So this morning was cloudy and rainy again, and no star, and I thought oh, I shouldn't have tried to capture it and talk about it, Kinda Superstitious, and then got this message, and the star came back...Something here about the in Between, time, and Space and the way we can do time and space travel...still digesting this one. It seems if I'm getting this right that life on the star can be here, and I can be there, if I can move through the space and particles of energy that hold the fabric of our being. Yes??? no??? humm.

There inside the void of Space there is a magic opening
For Energy holds the particles of nothingness
And in the nothingness is everything

Between the atoms with which we dance Across the Universe,
Between the force of life and death,
And the dream that holds us in between each breath
In the time of being and to the time that we are gone
between the darkness of the Light and the birthing of the dawn

Between the stars and planets and through the milky way
There is a portal that holds it all In spirit here in between this place.
And you can travel through time and space.
To the moments of creations dream
For Between the very fabric of life there is a secret opening.
In between the particles and in between each breath,
and in between the points of Spirit
Is the Life Force of God that carries us through all of this.

And we are but spirits that have manifested here in this form
And when we pass through the Portal 
We must be able to be free to be reborn

And there is that moment in space and time
Where we come to some place of remembering
Between the comma and the word
You are the fabric of life in this cosmic ring of Being

The song that sirens sing,
the great light of the Magicians eyes,
Something that gives you this life
and then recollects it all.

The emptiness of the void held here in between Heaven and earth
the beacon from creations first Light of Being
Reflected in the grand scheme of things

And so we hope for enlightenment
and the chance to go beyond the dream
to the truth of what this life is 
and where the spirit goes when all of this is gone.

We dance between the particles of the atoms of this energy
and somewhere comes a prayer to guide us to God’s infinite Grace
and the way to reach the point of that portal
to find the real reason for Love here in between time and space.
that holds us in between the answers til we are free


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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on November 16, 2012 at 5:28pm

it's fashinating talking about this go beyond human and get back to the essence.

it elevates the community from ancestral and primordial needs to the supreme knowledge that explains also the existance of god "antimateria"

let's we begin to think that we are surrounded by angels coming back from future, life after death.

there is also an hearth vibration.......let's think with our mind but also with hearth and feelings....and that's what you're beginning to do.




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