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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Not Written-----yet.

From the quiet corners of my mind, during a time of deep reflection and meditation, I was stunned to find myself channeling this list of books.

Your Spiritual Checkerboard----The Illuminati come out of hiding (so to speak) to share with us some of their Daring Dogma. Emma Reptile (not her real name) has been a behind the scenes confidante, privy to the Agenda of the Elite to control the masses via religion and mass dogma. Emma, masquerading as a Shoe Cobbler----well---- she basically shares the agenda of these jokers and so this is a look at the reality shaping the un-enlightened.

The Two-Ness Project-----For those who feel that there isn't enough room for all of us in One.

Definitive Guide to The Realms---This will help you roll out the possibilities of travel by providing the intuitive tools you need to experience all the Freaky Trips you want. Although you’re in control, this Guide offers the assurance of Ether Tested expertise, the Promise of Grid selectivity, and the free choice details that truly define a one of a kind vacation. It’s like having a Friend in Realms!

Mastering Patience One Decade at at Time--- To be written by award winning author, Dr. Igo Now. For those who don't have much time, Dr Now offers a quick ten step program to assist with the waiting process. Whether it's the 5 minutes at the checkout counter or a fruitless lifetime after lifetime of searching for your soul's purpose, Dr Now guides you with simple steps to always have Patience as Your Partner.

Affirmations---Daily Affirmations for Who You're Not----Compilation of Affirmations that are known not to work. Have you ever woken up feeling too good? This book is a must for your night table!

Universal Channel Guide (Pocket book edition)---Enlightenment at Your Fingertips-----They are out there and they've been wanting to connect with YOU---And doggonit, since you haven't been listening and have discounted all those voices in your head, they've come forth with this Channel Guide for you to tap right in. No more waiting for monthly channelings to be posted on the Internet!

The Power Animal Whisperer---How to properly address your power animals, and, consequently hear their still small voice. Special Guest Chapter to be written by Seesher (pronounced Sees Her) Meelawn, who recounts some of his most challenging power animal cases---worried power animal owners seek him out as a last resort.

Pimping Your Chakras-----
A decisive guide for energizing that old worn out look, and feel, of your chakras. Your front row seat to the unveiling of the latest energetic styles hitting the runway. Casey and Sliff do a segment on What Not To Wear---a seasonal guide to using color to balance and tone your aura.

What the Angels REALLY Want You to Know---
An exploration of the underbelly of the Angelic Empire. What they really say about us when we're not listening. The guidance they wish they could deliver to us.

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