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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Trekking the Transformational Trail Part 2 - Broad Concept

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

Introduction and 1st thoughts:

If defining state of mind and the state of our world was determined by external sources.......such as what the bank account says or what the headlines are racketeering up on behalf of those holding on to what once was a cruise-ship sized docking rope to what they thought they had, now dwindling down to the size of wet fishing line at best and slipping through the tightly gripped finger tips ......declaration of booth internal and external melt down would most defiantly be heard.

However, by placing focus on the unity, beauty, love, connectivity, fluidity, community and sustainability. A new experience begins to shine forth. This community, Architects of A New Dawn I sense is the manifestation of the above focus and intention and desired out come.

It is my intention to share openly and with complete transparently a dream/vision I hold with my Jaime. It is our desire to share with you all. We share this with a much broader and deeper desire than for our own "good". With the understanding that some would declare our open and transparent approach a disaster. "Someone will take your idea and turn the profit for themselves!" "If there is someone who is in the position financially to run with this idea you are going to be screwed dude!" Here's the thing........I sense I am here for a reason. I also know I am here to be me. I believe this community possess the integrity, heart, soul, and mind that allows and can support dreams, visions, and desires as "One" to become manifest.

Part 2

This is a continuation to the first blog post I first made. There it was mention of a vision Jaime & I had that I desired to expand on. At first, I though that I some how wanted to get all organized........ which is what my A type personality would normal have me do. It has been a few weeks since I have been back to the community as I wrestled back and forth with speaking my heart through words through this blog or organize first and then present. Then I received the e-mail of Carlos's Welcome. I decided right then and there to post my vision here for anyone and everyone to play a part in if they so desired. As ideas come to us and as those from others, I will keep a active blog so those following along can continue to support energetically.

I am seeking to connect with those who have a desire to assist in the co-creation, technical support and other areas of support. Perhaps master-mind group to facilitate the collective's broad and valuable potential for humanity.

Vision: Document via media formats our family perspective, child perspective and individual world views. Connect with energy workers, healers, retreat centers, holistic communities, eco-friendly communities, Native Americans.......the list goes on. Exploring the tempo they are perceiving in our world today and how they are contributing to a planet of love and unity.

This is just the scratch of the surface. I already have someone who I could consider my home-base energetic anchor. We have worked and played together for some time....I would love to connect with you if you feel you wish to contribute to the start of something magical.

Agents of Change
Spiritual Broad Casters

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