Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

we'll be talking many languages, none understands

we'll be running and despite this, nothing will be done in time.

the cake and bread will be divided through too much hands

we'll be  too safe in our houses too insecure outside

we'll suffer from cold/hot days

we'll see the poor to be poorer.

we'll be sharing badly fewer resources.

we'll be foreign in our country

we'll be giving rights to the wrong people.

there'll be too much sun, too much darkness

we'll have to chose between two wrong guess

we'll have to forgive our offender to be able to survive again.

we'll have to lile closely to our enemies cause there'll be no more further space.

we'll have to share a lower budget, we'll have to spend more to have less.

we'll have old ones sustaining new ones....we'll have less new ones to sustain old ones.....

we'll have to fight for our rights but will have to claim to have less.

we'll have to earn less to sustain weeker brothers and sisters

we'll have to hinder ore sister and brother to take advantage of their sustain.


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