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"Valley Fire" Benefit Song adds Community Choir

This is a very intense song about the Valley Fire that devastated parts of Northern California. Within a few days, the fire consumed 76,000 acres, destroyed 2,000 buildings and took four lives. My family evacuated and luckily the home survived. A couple of our volunteer singers lost everything.

The song burst forth only a few months ago and it has since grown to become something that has real potential. We created a “community chorus” to sing on it; and plan a viral music video that will drive people to our website ( where visitors donate to community groups. FireFamily Foundation is our first beneficiary there. We’ve had a couple of newspaper articles.

It’s a very unique song - almost a documentary of the event. When we edit the horrific footage of the fire with our singers, sound effects and the song itself… pretty heavy. People have been crying just from the lyrics and our rough demos. I’m not kidding.

My question is do any of you have any thoughts about how best to maximize our fundraising oomph? A label to get behind us? Super-bloggers? Guest vocalists? Soaring guitar parts? 

The video and finished audio should be ready in about a month. Sept. 12 will be one year since the fire with many planned events.

As one of the lines lament “we put you out, but you’re not done.” Still tons of charred ground and people without homes and jobs. A community in recovery. I appreciate your time and thoughts, thanks.

- Robert B+

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