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Video: The Emergence + Global Goodwill Invocation ~ Children of the Sun

The Emergence



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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

World Tour and Global Goodwill Invocation

O’ Mother-Father God and your radiant Legions of Light throughout Ifinity, please come forth
now to assist me and my beloved Group Soul in the full accomplishment of our divine intentions

I attune now, to the consciousness of our blessed Mother Earth, the Wisdom of Ascended Nature
and to the planetary Crystalline Grid.  Through this global Web of Unity, I AM one with the I AM
Presence of all Life.

I now call forth the mightiest dispensation of the Emerald Flames of Harmony, Truth and Infinite
Abundance. Beloved God I AM, blaze these radiant Emerald Flames into our collective spiritual
eye, bringing forth the Divine Vision of our World Tour and Global Goodwill endeavor in it’s
entirety, already manifest in visible form upon the Earth.

Bless this fufilled vision with ALL of the Ifinite Supply, Support, and Abundance required to make
this the MOST POWERFUL global movement possible. Through the power of Divine Harmony, our
goal is manifest!

From the heart of Mother-Father God, I invoke the Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love, Will and
Grace to wash over our Group Body and All Life,flooding every particle of creation with the full
tranfiguring powers of Divine Love.

Dearest Divine Mother, please hold this beloved vision and the underlying mission of the Children
of the Sun’s World Tour fulfilled in your heart, nurture it as you nurture all life, so tenderly and so
perfectly. Through the power of Grace, our goal is manifest!

I summon with all my God given might, the Violet Flames of Transmutation and Freedom, to blaze
in, through, around and ahead of me and my Group Soul to dissolve and consume all seeming
obstacles and distractions that would stand in the way of our fully realized World Tour and it’s
benevolent impact on Humanity. All channels of Love and Liberation are gloriously thrust open,
now and forever. Through the power of Freedom, our goal is manifest!

From the Three-Fold Flame vested in my heart, I command the full release of the Blue Lightning
Flames of Divine Will, Faith and Power! Beloved God I AM, charge this Cosmic Fire into any and
all illusions surrounding our Tour event and all associated global movements. Shatter and consume
all vestiges of fear and lack, replacing these limiting qualities with the ABSOLUTE FAITH and

I call forth a blazing pillar of Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning, to surround this event and all divine
events and their perfected accomplishment with the Divine Power of God, now and forever! May the initiation and divine accomplishment of the global movement of Goodwill be eternally
sustained. Through the power of Divine Will, our goal is manifest!

From the Source of All Creation, I humbly demand the White Flames of Purity and Ascension, to fill my entire energy matrix, radiating out to include all humanity and all life on Earth in it’s perfect

I command that the pristine vision of our World Tour event and all subsequent events be
submerged in this brilliant White Light,filling  our collective minds with the powers of absolute
purity and God Speed. All of our sincerest endeavors are manifest through the purity and
perfection of God. Through our return to original innocence, our goal is manifest!

By the might and power of a thousand Suns, I command the Golden Flames of All Christ
Illumination to stream forth into our group and global endeavor, infusing every element of this
grand universal intention with the power of Divine Wisdom.

Beloved I AM, please sustain this golden stream of Divine Wisdom throughout the entire cocreative process, straight through until it’s absolute fulfillment. Through the power of illumined
peace, our goal is manifest!

I now invoke the full radiatory power of the Platinum Cosmic Light of Divine Union, to shine forth
into all aspects of the World Tour project and fellow global humanitarian efforts, bringing forth the
perfect measures of synergy and fusion, blending  all thoughts, words, actions and feelings
surrounding this vision and all visions into one cosmic forcfield of God Perfection

I demand that this radiant arc of the Sacred Fires be firmly grounded in our united hearts and
minds, bridging all dimensions to divine accomplishment HERE and NOW. I afirm with ALL my
God Pure Being, that this gateway into absolute manifestation be eternally sustained by the Light of
God that Always Prevails.

As one collective voice of unity, this vision and all supporting  energies are now programmed into
the planetary Crystalline Grid in full resonant power!

By and through ALL Universal Laws, it is DONE! Our goal is NOW manifest! Thank you. Thank
you. Thank you.

AUM (x 7)



Note: Once making the invocation with full power of thought and feeling, we are greatly
encouraged to let it go, trusting in the infinite power of God to bring this forth in divine perfection.
We may continue to give thanks for it’s accomplishment should we feel inspired to do so.
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