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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Will you help spread ForGIVEness? Desperately Needed Now....

Dear Friends,

In 2008-09 I was called to Peru for some unknown reason. After journeying weeks, and ending up at over 12000 feet altitude at Lake Titicaca, I encountered some Spirit Beings who asked me to take their message to the world ~ ASAP.

They told me the world is desperately in need of learning to ForGIVE. They actually said it was the one most needed energy on the planet now.

Over 5 days and nights, they taught me this meditation which carries their particular grace and empowerments.

I have put their instructions into a little how-to booklet.

Just tonight, I learned how to set up an affiliate program, offering 50% of the sale to individuals and organizations that want to fund-raise.

If you have a website, facebook, twitter, etc, and would be willing to help spread this simple energetic form of effective ForGIVEness to young and old alike, please see

Many thanks for all you are all doing.
In Light,
Pat Crosby

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