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With In Reach

I walked aimlessly, mindlessly through the passage of life.
The steps taken fall carelessly upon autumn leaves.
The beauty these leaves hold hued in reds, yellows,and browns
Their majestic visions are blemished into the mud stricken earth.
Each characterized by unique markings, making each unforgettable.
As I walk, I stumble across a leaf so unigue so very special.
Its marking are of many colors. There is so much power behind this gift of god.
I felt that with this little leaf I had been blessed. It was mine to admire, to hold, and to love.
As I traveled onward in my journey, I gently touched each part of this leaf. I noticed
That there was a significant bright red mark on the leaf. It was such dramatic marking that it was all my eyes could view.

Here the wonderment of such pain crossed my drifting mind; it was as if it had been hurt so deeply. You could see so much more beauty by this painful mark etched upon one side of the leaf.

This indeed was my lucky day. To have such a precious part of life resting gently in my hands. The more I admired it, the more I realized that it was not mine forever. There were others who also could share its beauty. Why should I be so selfish to have something so beautiful, and share it? This question ran through every corner of my mind.
My heart and my soul loving this leaf. I felt I must let it go. I must be strong enough to let it go.

As I placed my gift on the bench, my heart sank and the thought of this beauty out of my grasp weaken me. With pain in my soul, I quickly walked away. Afraid to look back, I ran away from this leaf. I have read of things that explain, to love is to let go. It was so very hard to let go of something so special to me. I had to give that autumn leaf the freedom it so needed. For in that I gave its joy to please many. In return, I had made myself stronger.
I had learned to accept that there are times one must let go in order to go forward in life.

I glanced quickly back to find the beautiful leaf; it laid silently enriching peoples lives as they walked by. There was a strong breeze of time that took the beautiful leaf hurdling through the air, limited by no one and nothing. A tear came to my eye. I had a sad-happy feeling, as I turned, I look towards my feet. My heart sang a song of gratitude, that I was still worthy of this gift. Still in need of its comfort and care. I was triumphant in a way.
I was strong enough to let go, yet I was weak to doubt it and look back.

The battle I thought I had to fight was a battle that need not have been. I picked the leaf up and careful placed it close to my heart, holding it forever.

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