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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

We have entered a new paradigm, a time of awakening to awareness of self realisation, though many are still allowing themselves to run the illusions of the old paradigm which can be witnessed through written and spoken words.

Energetic communication flows in everything, animate or ‘inanimate’, there is not one thing in the physical universe that is not ‘alive’; even in death there is energetic transmutation in the decay process.
The awareness of your energetic communication happens when you remove your focus from reacting to what you are experiencing in your external environment and turn your focus to your internal environment.
In paying attention to how you feel, there is understanding that, whatever illusion of beliefs you are holding are creating energetic transmutation as external experiences. Epigenetics verifies that your external world is instantaneously reflecting your place of belief in yourself.

This is very evident as we claw ourselves out of the old business models that reflect to the quantum level of every individual and their place of belief. Every business is the sum of its people and the realization of a business’s vision or mission will transmute from the very individual beliefs of its owners. When there is inherent low self worth, the illusion of not being loved or lovable, this creates the reflection in the external experience and can be seen in business pushing to sell, ‘fear’ selling, those with high staff turnover orsick leave absences.

There is always the energetic exchange and energetic transmutation in everything; it is instantaneous, though rarely consciously appreciated.

Many are beginning to ‘wake up’ and live consciously, understanding the crucial internal work required as they delve deeper into the awareness of their truth for releasing false perceptions. Yet this is still not being reflected in their words whether verbal or written, here the ‘default’ is still allowed to run and I’d like to share with you some examples of this:

My recent article ‘Truth is Far More Powerful than Resolutions or Goals’ brings the awareness from the epigenetic process, that if your belief is on goals or resolutions for what you perceive you do not have, your experiences will continue to reflect this.

There is much false perception around the use of words such as wantingwishing or attracting. Each of these comes from the premise of ‘without’, not having, missing. The focus on this means the belief is incongruent with your innate highest purpose, which is always the awareness of wholeness, completeness and connection. This then perpetuates the cycle of creating experiences where you continue wanting, wishing or attracting and transmute  this as being.

Society has insidiously created labels and definitions to perpetuate the illusion of not being whole already. This can be seen in the segregation of the mainstream religions, in politics, in mainstream education, in media by what the illusion is to be socially acceptable and even down to horoscopes and traits of ‘star signs’.
When there is no internal focus there will always be the illusion of separation and the belief you must be defined as ‘somebody’. This is very evident in the rise within the corporate world of personality profiling, another means to catalogue, categorize and easily reference a complete illusion of what you are!

To release yourself from the illusion requires commitment, space and time to unravel the ties of misperception ‘charges’ within your cellular memory. Only when you are prepared to truly know the full awareness of you, will you surrender to your vulnerability and begin to release the layers of illusion.
It requires observation and reflection to take the place of reacting and as this becomes like breathing to you, life itself becomes a meditation. From here you can observe the words you are saying and writing with the focus on witnessing the reflection of your place of belief in each action.

For those who follow my devotion to truth, you will know my belief in the power of three. It is a power energetic triumvirate as a 3 in 1 relationship and pattern that can be witnessed through all life.

***Most commonly is: Mind – Body – Spirit or Father – Son – Holy Spirit.

Science gives us:  Super Conscious – Conscious – Sub Conscious and Energy – Matter – Ether.

Philosophically and energetically we see:  Thought – Word – Deed and All that was – All that is – All that will be.

These divine patterns are through all your life experience and your evolving journey in recognising Truth –Knowledge – Awareness from your highest values of Honour –Honesty –Integrity.

Living to reveal your truth brings the realization of Believe it is possible – Trust in the process – Allow, guiding you back to the ultimate power of 3:  Knowing – Experiencing – Being.

How often do you stop and reflect on the words you have just used in a conversation?

How often do you reflect on the energetic intent you have put into your written words?

What now can you observe in your verbal and written communication that reveals your place of belief in yourself?

Words have power, so much more than you may ever have realised – use them wisely – use them energetically.


*** Extract from my book ‘Untangling the Myth of Science and Spirituality’.

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