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Wreck-Less Abandon and Sacred Partnerships (c) of 2012

The Mother is alive. Her development has always been marked by milestones; they are cyclical. Some future cycles will be easy, some will be difficult. Climates and weather patterns change and shifts happen; people live, people die. This is life.

What matters most for our species is how we choose to respond to the shifts. We think of relationship as a condition that is between ourself and other chosen humans. Sometimes we think of relationship as being between ourself and animals. But as participants in these relationships we are allowed to believe we are in control.

However, we are in a sacred relationship with the Mother. Mother Earth and humans are in Sacred Partnership (c) so when one partner shifts, the other partner must also shift. When we humans do not shift to accommodate the Mother, we are in breach of partnership. In the language of dance, sometimes we Waltz with the Mother, sometimes we do the Two-Step but when the Mother, who is always in the lead, decides to switch to the Paso Doble we can loosen up and follow, or fall on our derrieres!

I have read many of the comments about 2012. I believe we humans are *"leading edge creators of our reality"--to be so is our gift--and each of us will create 2012 as a reflection of our personal reality. The evidence of our personal reality will be magnified when the energy on the planet (and beyond) becomes magnified. So those of us who choose to question our belief systems (the first step in the process of clearing our old karmic energies and attachments) will, through this process, create a more loving, centered, and stable reality. And those of us who choose to retain old and irrelevant belief systems that neither represent the truth of who we have become nor acknowledge the Father who created us will continue to create chaos and fear for ourselves. The tasks at hand for all of us (regardless of the date) are the same as they have always been; to acknowledge the mystery of our creator, to walk gently upon the Mother, and to love our brothers and sisters with wreck-less abandon.

*The Gardnerville, NV Abraham-Hicks study group

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Comment by Linda Slasberg on January 5, 2010 at 12:06pm
You are quite right; I can almost see them laughing at us at times, we are all so foolish to think we have it all our own way. The four-leggeds and all the beasts on the earth however large or small will always have the last word whether we like it or not. On my Bennyville blog I have a post (My boy Ben) that talks about how Ben adopted me. It was magical.
Comment by Arieljoy Fine on January 5, 2010 at 11:57am
Hi Linda,
I believe they always adopt us. I'm sure you've noticed that the four-leggeds are always the ones in control. They are natural-born diplomats so they allow humans to think we are in control but we simply don't have the "pulling power" that fur and big eyes have!

In Love and Light,
Comment by Linda Slasberg on January 5, 2010 at 6:35am
Hi Ariel, I'm glad I made sense, sometimes I do wonder about myself you know. I will pass on your feelings to Ben and I'm sure he'll be more than happy to have yet another fan - we fell in love on first sight (he adopted me).

Comment by Arieljoy Fine on January 4, 2010 at 2:07pm
Yes, what you say makes perfect sense, of course! And I think I am in love with you boy, too. He is a handsome feller. And now I see the blue healer.

In Love and Light,
Comment by Linda Slasberg on January 4, 2010 at 12:48pm
Ariel, I forgot to mention that I think your writing is extremely good; in fact its some of the best writing I've seen in a very long time. Well done

Love Linda
Comment by Linda Slasberg on January 4, 2010 at 12:45pm
Hi Ariel, I do love these exchanges between us don't you.
As for caring about what other people think, I gave up on that years ago. I have also been accused of being overbearing and opinionated!! You just can't please all of the people all of the time, and we shouldn't try

!! We have to do what we do for ourselves (does that make sense?). So glad you love my boy, he does so love to be loved - who doesn't. But its so easy to love him.

Peace, Linda
Comment by Arieljoy Fine on January 4, 2010 at 12:26pm
Hi Linda,

My fear of my tendency to be academic in my writing is exactly what was holding me back; I didn't want to "turn people off". And so much of my concern about turning people off came from experiences where people called me "overbearing" when I expressed an opinion, "too sensitive" when I objected to being called "overbearing", and "rude" when I stood up for myself. And a longtime (and well known) teacher actually
told me my energy was too big and "dressed me down" for having big energy in front of the entire group.

I am sure every lightserver has experienced similar stuff. But then I joined Soulgarden and Christopher was the catalyst that turned my head around with one comment. He acknowledged my big energy and liked it. And suddenly I KNEW that it is my time to speak; that I am in a safe place and that there are kindred souls here who will not shut me down.

And the milagro in all this is that I finally believe, in my heart of hearts that I am safe even when others might not agree with me. So many people think that when a person is concerned about what others think that person wants to be loved. Well in my case it has been about being safe, not about being loved.
No doubt a leftover from having been bar-b-qued a few times!

Anyway the epiphany was that I am really O.K. and if someone objects to me (assuming I don't deserve it) it is because that person needs to be with someone who is a better energy match. It doesn't make either of us wrong or bad. And that's why they have menues in restaurants.

And I look forward to reading your blogs. And, your best friend IS BEAUTIFUL. I saw the Aussie but not the blue healer. I LOVE dogs. And, it turns out that the original dog I was curious about (that I thought was your dog) is a Sharpei mix and that is why her face looks like Halavah! Now I'm hungry.

In Love, Light, and Milagros,
Comment by Linda Slasberg on January 4, 2010 at 6:39am
Hello Ariel, yes I understand about writing down our thoughts; we all have our beliefs and reasons for doing things but I found it difficult not to sound preachy. I held off writing a blog for so long because of that, however I decided to get with the program as they say eventually. Once I started I couldn't seem to shut up!! In actual fact I have two blogs now.

My dog is beautiful, he is part aussy Shepherd/blue healer and maybe something else. He is about 11 now and he is my best friend. I never go anywhere without him

You can read my blogs if you have a mind to
Comment by Arieljoy Fine on January 3, 2010 at 12:45pm
Thank you, Linda. Your compliment helps boost my confidence because sharing my thoughts through writing is a brand new experience for me.

By the way, what breed of dog-person was the baby who was with you in your last profile shot? He/she had the most amazing facial markings; looked just like Halavah!

I wish you a most amazing 2010 filled with miracles, love, and healthy, happy pups.

Comment by Linda Slasberg on January 3, 2010 at 7:07am
Ariel you humble me.
I so agree with your words here, they actually brought tears to my eyes. Your thoughts are my thoughts - I am just unable to put them down so beautifully.

Here's to Mother Earth and ALL the beasts on it.


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