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When the World Brings no Solutions
All through the darkest Night
When the Soul Has Lost Connection
To What was once so right

Call upon the Angels
Who listen deep inside
Call upon the Guiding Light
it’s there that you will find

You can find the Answers
To What you need to know
To take you through the doorway
and find the Peace within your soul

You are a child of the Universe
Your destiny is clear
You are blessed more than you may know
True joy is oh so near

Call upon the Spirit
Of the Holy ones
if you fall they’re waiting
to lead you on the journey that your on

So stop and open up your heart
And they will speak to you
Listen for the words of Truth
And they will see you through

You are not alone out there
You are Loved, so find
A way to believe again
A way to heal the mind

You are Loved by God
You are Light Divine
You are a Child of the Universe
Claim this truth and you will find

You are Loved by God
Feel this love and be redeemed
Forgive those who hurt you
Forgive yourself and al your deeds
You are Loved Beloved
True purpose you can find
To Journey on
And find the Strength
To ease the restless Mind

Bring the Hidden Power
Of the Holy Ones
To give you Courage and Carry on
With this path that you are on

There are Angels that will Guide you
Til the very end
You are Loved by God my freind
And you can find this Love again

Believe with all your Heart and Soul
Believe and you will find
The Love that you’ve been Seeking
Is Present with you
Until the very End

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Comment by David Hauser on May 23, 2010 at 10:47pm
In the darkest night of the soul there is a light and if you close your eyes real tight you can find it. Thanks so much for your words they are an inspiration.


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