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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Some have written into their soul’s contract for this lifetime that financial abundance is experienced proportionate to fulfilling one’s spiritual purpose. Synchronistically, this is a time when many are being asked to come into deeper levels of spiritual

The person who has drifted off course in terms of their purpose may find themselves temporarily out of work or possibly even living in a tent village in order to come into a new connection within themselves. The degree a person is in resistance to their spiritual purpose is the degree to which they will experience challenges and rites of passage as entry points to the new consciousness.

Each person who is here within this timeframe has signed a “chaos clause” to experience increased levels of turbulence and challenge as needed to bring them into alignment with their purpose of helping transition Earth into the new time. Regardless of what you’re experiencing right now, embrace not knowing, embrace chaos, embrace the messages you are receiving.

You don’t have to fully understand what’s happening within the moment. Often, as you enter times of transition and transformation, you won’t always understand what’s happening. It is your ability to embrace the chaos of the unknown that enables you to stand strong in your beliefs and your commitment to your spiritual purpose. Your spiritual purpose is the light that will steer you home as the old way dissolves around you and the shape of Earth’s future history begins to crystallize in the ethers of the New Time.

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