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Your Life is an answered Prayer

Oh, Great Father of all Light
Oh, Great Mother of Divine Love
We bow before you and give thanks for the Divine mystery
Of our Life and the Sacred way of truth.
We open our hearts o the most powerful
of Truths that guide us to your revelation.
That our Lives are an Answered Prayer.

We give thanks to the Angels and Servants of the Lord,
Who work to bring the blessings of your being here on Earth.
And to all who Pray,
May you find comfort in the communion you have with God,
the Father and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
For your life is an answered prayer.

Leave an opening always for Miracles to come into being.
And know you are a miracle in being.

Leave an opening to listen and hear the Lord,
And know He is with you always.
Hear the Lord speak to you in the quiet
Spaces between each breath, between the night and day
Between the highest and deepest levels of being.
For your life is an answered prayer.

Leave an opening to bring about changes that can lead
You to find the Way to be with God.
To see with the Eyes that Behold the Glory of God at Work in life.
For your life is an answered Prayer.

And leave a way to express the Gratitude
That comes when you realize your life is an expression
Of how prayers are answered.
OF How God works with us and through
us to fulfill His Purpose and Plan.
For His love and Light hold the Way to be attuned
to the Perfect Energy of God’s Blessings Here on Earth,
For your life is an answered Prayer.

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