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20120206 - Yes I am Still Alive :o)

Dear Friends

A short Message from the homeless man in the camper (thats what I am). - Stranded in the middle of nowhere somehow .... I know it will go up this year ... I am soon officially divorced and will be able to get money in the future to finance my projects and to pay my children etc.

But its still a way to go there. - Currently I sit here in a camper, ice and snow outside and no money left. I fight from day to day to win time until I can leave from here.

I need to find someone that is willing to give me a little credit for two or three months. - I will have money then and be able to pay it back (I can prove it on paper - I will be able to get part of my retirement-money :o) - cool isn't it?) ... And this means I will be able to manage it with no help from this governement here (they dont like me :o) and thats perfect because I dont like to owe them anything :o)

I have a lot of troubles here and usually its (who is astonished) with sisters that do not get from me what they want .... (I have all time the same issue here - abusive behaviour - and if I face them - terror :o) ... I can understand that well ... and forgive ... but this does not mean I let me call the devil and similar things when I daily proove the opposite).

NOTE: Please check seriously Bruce Lipton ... If you understand what he is explaining you ... You will see he explains from another area the same as I do ... We are able to change ... we can much more than you can believe today ... BUT ... we have to face it ... and stop to abuse it ... The leaders know and use this all ...

And most of us did forget it or does ignore it due to other reasons that can be explained in all details ... Mostly it has to do with the fact that you lost your connection to your own inner self and the connection to your higher self and so also to the spirits, the nature and our creator, the power of our ancients and all in this direction :o)

I repeat it again - Fight is not the answer to win this strange war between darkness and light ... You have to remember the shining light and try to become it in your expressions and the value you stand daily for ...

Thats the only way ... The only way to peace for you and me as individual being (a human brother or sister) .... As well as for the whole world ...

2012 is the year where mankind will decide which direction you choose ... Will you be able to stand for real love and sharing ... Or will you again be blinded by egoistic stupid motives as you did it so far?

.... Some personal stuff (I started by the way writing my first boooook - COOOOL)

Last week I had the police on the phone just because one of this crazy sisters called them ... and do you know why? Just because she saw me record a movie with my iPhone ... She felt offended because she was thinking I would record her .... But instead of asking me directly (she knows me personally and is friend with the woman that wants me have away from her ground here where I stay with the camper ... So instead of taling to me ... She called the police and more ... This is a kind of TERROR ... And I am - as usually - Really not the one behaving bad here ...

So you see ... All is still difficult - But I am convinced its like the last difficult time before things come into a new positive direction ... Remember ... Life is a also (as everything) a Wavepattern ... It goes up and down ... I reached ground and will start again like a Rocket :o)

Will you be with me and enjoy it? Or will you continue to look from outside and simply do nothing?

TIll Next Time (hopefully soon - but more professional)
Unfortunately I have no Internetconnection anymore since last Wednesday.

I managed today to establish a kind of "ermergency" connection using a prepaid card and an old usb-stick from my former provider swisscom :o)

So I am hopefully able to upload this little sharing for you. - I would be glad if you could share it with others and maybe contact me for further projects if you like.

As I don't k

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