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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The Author of the Video had this to say about it ( I just found it on Youtube)
Don't ask me where the name came from it just popped up and stuck and its been that ever since. This is me and Creek Hart, Mickey Hart's Son. We were working on the Built to Last Album at the time I believe. We were at Front Street which was The Grateful Dead's Studio in San Rafael years ago. Everyone left and Creek and I were having fun making sounds and stuff. There are two little bongo loops and we sampled a Duggie, a small Middle Eastern drum like a mini tympani. I used the Duggie as the sort of piano sound you hear and played it from a MIDI Marimba type thing we had. The bass is a concussion tube, a long bamboo tube tuned to a musical note and struck on the ground to produce the percussive bass tone. The high swirly string like sounds are not, it is an effect put on the duggies and creates a haunting string like sound from the percussion. There is also an Oberheim Synth doing a lush pad. the good ole' days!

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