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Holiday in Hell is a well-crafted literary published by Asteroid Publishing Inc. Holiday in Hell is my true^tragedy legal^drama, and relentless suspense chronicling years of my life from blind naivety to harsh reality: a brutal assault by another Canadian in 1999 in Cuba cannot be charged! I declare the crime to Cuban authorities, they promise when upon the return to Canada, the Canadian police will arrest the Canadian at Pearson Airport! An ensuing legal clash occurs – Cuba cannot charge the Canadian citizen and Canada has no law to charge the perpetrator.
Newspapers and media coverage outrage Canadians, in a response to initiate a Canada-wide petition aiming to amend the Canadian Criminal Code 6(2) before the House of Commons, CITY-TV broadcast the event. However, Justice Minister, Anne McCullen fails the 3,500 petitioners and in a true sense, the hard-hitting legal aftermath becomes the real crime! My case is dragged through riveting courtroom dramas, becoming precedent-setting in Supreme Court of Canada. The new law precedence enables now to charge perpetrators on probation, however the CCCode 6(2) stands: ‘Canadian cannot charge another Canadian of a crime committed, abroad.’ Since this precedent-setting of my case, a legislature now amended law against child trafficking of repeated offenders. However, the crime committed by another Canadian against me in Cuba, has never been vindicated by a law!
In retrospect, my legal case is a violation of my human rights in the International Human Rights Court. This is why my book, Holiday in Hell even thought ii has a great value of a literary work, Holiday in Hell, is a wake-up call to Canadians, conveying to set the wheels in motion to amend the Canadian Criminal Code 6(2) providing a jurisdictional law for the Canadian Justice System to grant Canadian citizens a jurisdictional protection that extends beyond “diplomats, victims of aircraft hijacking, hostage taking, protection of nuclear materials, torture, war crimes, piracy” and for all Canadians!

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