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Charlie Brown, Environmentalist! How to Choose the Right Tre

Remember the scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas where he picks out the saddest little tree in the lot? Everyone else had passed it over - had Charlie not picked it out it would have ended up in the bonfire or trash heap. Then with love and caring of his community of friends, it became a beautiful little symbol of peace on earth and renewal. Charlie Brown became an environmental hero, utilizing a tree that would have gone to waste and likely sparing a living one in the woods!

Well, OK, that’s probably a bit of hyperbole and oversell. The tree was a cut one and was doomed to dry up and die anyway. But the message in that film of spirit and substance over consumption and commercialism is an enduring one, both in the holiday season and all year round. This year, you can do Charlie Brown one better.

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Comment by Steve H on March 30, 2012 at 9:47pm

Thanks for having this, plus people should realize many tree farms use fertilizer (often petroleum based) so a god idea is if you do want to get a tree, buy one with a root ball and plant it after Christmas where you can let it grow naturally and if you do that each year you'll have lots of trees in your yard (or if you have no room, your neighbor's or somewhere, you'll find someone that want it.



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