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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Music By Source Vibrations _()_
Video Artist: Rhea _()_

Full length version of this audio healing track and many others available here:

Please use stereo headphones.

The Gate of Prayer opens to the intelligence that illuminates the splendor of all the lights and sits upon the throne of the foundation of primoridial wisdom.

Sandalphon is present along with Ishim and the Souls of Fire overseeing the sphere of the elements and Guiding the nadir of evolution, the outermost point on the outgoing arc, through which all life must pass before returning to the Creator.

The Soul of dear Mother Earth is held here within these frequencies, her subtle and perceptual aspect of all matter and the underlying noumenon of the physical plane which gives rise to all physical phenomenon.

Providing substance for the Purifier of Emanation and Source Intelligence, through equilibrium and coherence - both activity and receptivity complete this cycle of experience.

In this unchanged state rests Virtue and through the mediumship of living substance introduces the self to the Magus.

Know ye not that thee are the temple of the LIving God?
_()_ _()_ _()_With Love, Rhea

Music contributions by Source Vibrations, thank you Source Vibrations for healing the planet with music. _()_ _()_ _()_

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