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Funkadelic - Maggot Brain SLIDESHOW Carlos was around during this guitar solo with Funkadelic. This was the piece back then, bed time, nighty night, long rides up and down back and forth the wide wide Missouri River

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Comment by Mary Ann Isom on January 11, 2013 at 3:26pm

Noting to record history via music and the love of pure music of all colors.  i find that beginning with the fortran of Acid Rock and R&B, this was one of the Funkadelic's by far most pleasing  mix.  Remembering studying Psychology and Industry, there would probably never have been a place for my Pink Panther boyfriend *1971* studying law, who incidently was a Senior and I a freshman, to touch basis with asurrealism that spawned a greater mind flow,. I find that later in life putting the experience together with a profession of Drug Counseling as a first job after school, did replete my course.  I did not marry that particular guy I was with, but we had stayed together on and off campus for those years.  Studying together, after my graduation and his at the same time, there was no where to go buy Hit the Sky.  However traveling astrally in other directions, I landed my mind in the hills of Los Angeles as someone else, like Tom Bradley's wife, they told me later.  I am most humbled by my career choice and cannot ever regret my reformation and transformation done slowly, but fast is what I like better.  I do expect to tell myself change is on the way, when and how, are two very different modes of operand um.  When you find that I am being too personal with Carlos past, just try not to say it too loudly.


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