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* HEMP CAN SAVE THE EARTH! Why is this HUGELY environmentally friendly plant illegal?!

Hemp and marijuana are different. Hemp can be used for energy (ethanol), food, clothing, and even plastic! All without any fertilizers or pesticides! Demand the LEGALIZATION OF HEMP! PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! Download this and any other youtube or google video quickly and easily using the FREE player from DON'T JUST WATCH THIS, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Show all your friends and family and ESPECIALLY PEOPLE IN POSITIONS OF POWER! TAKE ACTION. Most Americans HAVE NO CLUE that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT CORPORATION! Americans have been scammed for TRILLIONS FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE by charging us interest to print "money," when our government USED TO PRINT MONEY FOR FREE WITHOUT CHARGING US INTEREST! DON'T BELIEVE ME, LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! JFK, Ron Paul, Woodrow Wilson, Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, and many others have spoken against the horrible Federal Reserve system we now have which is unnecessary because our government can print the money without paying interest to the private for profit Federal Reserve. While our government can print money for free, the people who own the private Federal Reserve have made trillions off of creating the US money. They loan money to the US government at interest, when our government could print it without them for free. JFK tried to get rid of the Federal Reserve by printing United States Notes because he realized that if private super rich bankers own the Federal Reserve and they loan money to the government, they essentially own the government. The Federal Reserve is the MAJOR reason why this country has declined financially! The Federal Reserve can be abolished and the government can do the same thing by printing money with United States Notes instead of the Federal Reserve Notes. This will save the country trillions! Watch documentaries like "Money Masters" or "Freedom to Fascism" for more detailed info on the BIGGEST FINANCIAL SCAM ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in History! The Federal Reserve is THE MAJOR REASON why the poor is increasing in numbers and the rich continue to get richer! Stop wasting time with things that don't matter like sports or tv. Expose the truth of the corruption going on, and do something about it!
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